WOOD, Brendan Patrick
Major, Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps

Distinguished Service Decoration
Queen's Birthday Honours List 2010
Major WOOD has served as Chief Instructor at the Joint Services Health School since December 2007. In early 2008, he recognised
that changes to legislation governing health practitioners would have a major impact on training provided to Defence Force medics.
He subsequently proposed and championed a university based programme combining diploma and graduate diploma structures as
the basis for a Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) degree through the Auckland University of Technology.  This programme,
which began in January 2010, allows previous diploma programmes to be grandfathered into the Bachelor programme, thereby
recognising and aligning the qualifications of medics to this new tertiary criteria. The development of this degree represents a
significant step in medic training and professional development. The new training model, which has both national and international
recognition, will lead to an improved retention factor for this trade group in all three Services and enhanced medical support on

Serving Brother of the Venerable Order of St John (SBStJ)
New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
New Zealand Operational Service Medal
New Zealand East Timor Medal
United Nations Medal (UNTAET)
New Zealand Efficieny Medal and bar
Long Service Medal of the Order of St John and three bars