The Pro Patria Project is intended to create a Time-Line of New Zealand Military History, nominal rolls, records of valour awards.  It is hoped that the project will
eventually assist with such as family history, school projects, university studies and other forms of research.

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19 August 2012
Lance Corporal Jacinda Francis Elyse BAKER
Private Richard Lee HARRIS
H1008511 Corporal Luke Douglas TAMATEA
(2nd/1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment)
Helping to escort a fellow patrol member to a doctor when they were killed by a Taleban IED.  The trio died along with two other coalition troops when the vehicle they were in was hit by an improvised explosive device.  The first New Zealand woman to die in combat since the Vietnam War, Cpl BAKER (aged 26) was a medic and had been in the New Zealand Army since 2007.  Pte HARRIS (aged 21) had been in the New Zealand Army since February 2009 and Cpl TAMATEA (aged 31) had been serving in the Army for 12 years.

5 August 2012
1016393, Lance Corporal Pralli DURRER
K1013159 Lance Corporal Rory Patrick MALONE
Both aged 26, the two provincial reconstruction team soldiers died during an insurgent attack in a small village in Bamiyan Province on August 4. L/Cpl Durrer was in a light armoured vehicle and was killed instantly when the vehicle was fired upon. L/Cpl Malone was injured by a blast or gun fire during the incident and died in a helicopter on the way to hospital. Six others were also injured.

3 April 2012
E1016397 Corporal Douglas Charles HUGHES
Aged 26, died in at the Romero forward patrol base in Bamiyan Province in a non-combat situation. Results of a Defence Force investigation into the cause of death are not yet available.

28 September 2011
T1002840 Lance Corporal Leon Kristopher SMITH, NZGD, NZSAS
Aged 33, He was killed by a shot to the head in September 2011 in Wardak province, where the SAS were assisting Afghan police to break up a group planning an attack on Kabul. He was an advanced medic and had served in the SAS since 2008.
posthumously awarded the Charles Upham Award for Bravery

19 August 2011
Corporal Doug GRANT, NZSAS
Aged 41, killed during Taleban attack in Kabul died on the way to hospital in Kabul in August 2011 after being shot through the arm hole of his body armour after Taliban insurgents stormed a British compound.  He had previously served in East Timor, the former Yugoslavia and it was his second deployment in Afghanistan.

15 February 2011
Private Kirifi MILA
Aged 27, killed in Humvee rollover accident, Bamiyan province when the Humvee he was in rolled down a 30m cliff in the village of Ferosak in Bamiyan Province. He was the gunner of the vehicle, so was standing on the turret.

4 August 2010
X1017058, Lieutenant Timothy Andrew O'DONNELL, DSD
Aged 28, killed when his convoy was ambushed in Bamiyan province and was New Zealand’s first combat fatality in Afghanistan. He was killed in August 2010, when his three-vehicle patrol was attacked by insurgents with rocket-propelled grenades in Bamiyan Province. Two other New Zealand soldiers were injured.