WILDER Nicholas Perry
21988, Lieutenant temp Captain, 2 (New Zealand) Divisional Cavalry, att Long Range Desert Group , WW2

Distinguished Service Order
Gazaetted 24 November 1942, Supp 35799, p5141
On the night 13/14 September 1942, Captain Wilder led his patrol on to Barce Landing Ground in order to destroy aircraft.  He spent one hour on the landing ground, visiting 32 aircraft and firing incendiary ammunition at each in turn.  By these tactics 20 were burnt and 12 seriously damaged.  Petrol dumps were also destroyed.  During this phase the patrol was under continuous but inaccurate fire from the garrison.  Whilst returning through the town Captain Wilder Who was driving the leading truck, found his passage blocked by two tanks.  He therefore drove his truck at full speed into the tanks and cleared a way for the remainder of the patrol.  He then dismounted and placed bombs under the tank tracks.  Later the car in which he was traveling overturned and he was rendered unconscious. After recovering he continued to lead his patrol until severely wounded in an engagement with enemy aircraft.  During this and one previous engagement Captain Wilder has shown superb leadership and an untiring devotion to duty

Distinguished Service Order
1939-45 Star
Africa Star
       8th Army
Italy Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
New Zealand War Service Medal

Born 29 March 1914, New Zealand
Died 24 June 1970, Waipukurau, New Zealand