WESTON, Richard John
W55979, Lieutenant Colonel, New Zealand Army

Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit
New Year Honours List 31 December 2005
Major WESTON deployed to Medan in Indonesia from 8 January to 26 February 2005 to serve in the combined Joint Task Force Headquarters,
established to control the Australian Defence Force and New Zealand Defence Force assets and personnel committed to the relief efforts, following
the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami.  He filled the appointment of J1 Personnel in the rank of Acting Lieutenant Colonel.  As a logistics officer, he has had
very little exposure to personnel policy and management issues.  This was further complicated by the fact that he was dealing in policy issues for a
foreign army.  He nevertheless worked long hours to ensure that the forces personnel needs, such as welfare, pay and allowances were accorded
the appropriate priority and staff actions and his contributions helped to ensure the success of the mission. 

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
Queen's Birthday Honours 2 June 2014
Lieutenant Colonel WESTON was originally appointed to command the last Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan, and later led the
Theatre Extraction Team.  In May 2012 he led the strategic reconnaissance for the extraction of the Reconstruction Team and other New Zealand
assets from Bamyan province. He was then hand-picked to command the theatre extraction operation. Beginning in October 2012, he oversaw the
establishment of communication links and processes required to extract equipment and personnel from Bamyan in the most efficient and
cost-effective manner. In this role he bore the responsibility for the execution of a complex redeployment from an isolated location in challenging
environmental conditions, requiring the co-ordination of transport resources from New Zealand and coalition partners, as well as local contractors,
for the movement of more than 750 tonnes of equipment and all Bamyan-based personnel. He also oversaw the closure of Kiwi Base and
negotiated its handover to the Afghan government. He assumed command of Kiwi Base and maintained the security of the area until he and his team departed on the last aircraft. Lieutenant Colonel WESTON’s professionalism, dedication and leadership played a significant role in the successful extraction and return of Defence assets and personnel to New Zealand.

Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM)
New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration (DSD)
New Zealand Operational Service Medal
NATO Medal
Former Yugoslavia
New Zealand General Service Medal
New Zealand General Service Medal Afghanistan (Primary)
NATO Medal
New Zealand Armed Forces Award
New Zealand Defence Service Medal