NORRISS, Lindsay
Sergeant, Royal New Zealand Air Force

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
Queen's Birthday Honours List 2013
Sergeant NORRISS has managed, on a voluntary basis and in his own time, the ‘In Loco Parentis’ (ILP) scheme at RNZAF Woodbourne since its
inception in 1996. As Woodbourne is home for Air Force recruit and ground training, there are significant numbers of trainees posted in over any
given period.  The aim of the ILP scheme is to provide young trainees with multiple experiences to explore their abilities learn about teamwork in a
variety of environments and sow the seeds of an active lifestyle. Activities over the years have included horse trekking, hunting, rock climbing,
skiing, river rafting and sea kayaking.  As well as planning and coordinating the overall programme, he has utilised his expertise in the fields of sea
kayaking, white-water rafting and river rafting to personally conduct and lead these activities.  Over the past twenty years, Sgt NORRISS has
dedicated a great deal of time and effort to supporting and providing assistance to a number of civilian organisations. He has been a pivotal link
between RNZAF Woodbourne and the local community and has been responsible for organising water based activity training for local schools,
youth groups and cadet force units.  His interests also include softball and he held the role of administrator for Marlborough Softball for eighteen
years until his retirement in 2008.  He plays a significant role in the Woodbourne Search and Rescue team, not only by having taken part on
numerous short notice rescue missions, but also by taking a lead in training team members and co-ordinating the acquisition of equipment.
New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration

Chief of Air Force Commendation