MOORE Albert Henry
B10112323, Corporal, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment

New Zealand Gallantry Star
Special Honours List 1 October 2011
Corporal Moore was the commander of the rear vehicle of a New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team patrol when it was ambushed by insurgent
forces near the town of Chartok in Bamyan Province Afghanistan on  3 August 2010.  The insurgents set off an improvised explosive device, which
immobilised the lead vehicle and then began firing at all four vehicles with small arms fire and shoulder launched rockets, in an engagement that was
to continue for some 35 minutes.  Corporal Moore immediately ordered his vehicle to pull back in order to establish a firm base from which to support
the patrol's withdrawal.  This was done in the vicinity of a nearby house.  He then coordinated suppressing fire to support the rearwards move of the
surviving two vehicles.  One of these was able to reach the base, but the other was immobilised by small arms fire some 30 metres away.  Despite
this, all members of the patrol, except those in the lead vehicle, were now consolidated in one location.  It was apparent however that the patrol's
position was exposed and that they were both under observation and subject to direct fire from enemy positions on surrounding high ground.
Recognising the need for air support and to communicate with higher command, Corporal Moore remounted his vehicle and, under continuous fire
from the enemy, drove forward 30 metres to the immobilised vehicle to recover communications equipment.  Still under direct fire, he made two
further trips to the immobilised vehicle.  The first was to collect a general purpose machine gun and the second to pick up extra ammunition.  At one
stage during these actions, as he mounted and dismounted from his vehicle, he was struck on the shoulder by shrapnel from an enemy rocket.
It was during this time that the two surviving members of the lead vehicle made radio contact to advise that they were wounded, their patrol
commander had been killed and that they were pinned down by enemy fire in a dry creek bed near to where their vehicle had been immobilised.
After receiving approval from the officer who had assumed command, Corporal Moore remounted his vehicle a fourth time and went forward 350 metres to where the lead vehicle was located.  Throughout this move he coordinated suppressing fire on to the high ground from his vehicle and established communications with the wounded soldiers.  On arrival he positioned his vehicle between the enemy and the soldiers so that they could safely mount the vehicle.  He then took them back to the patrol's base for medical treatment.

New Zealand Gallantry Star
New Zealand Operational Service Medal
New Zealand General Service Medal Solomon Islands
New Zealand General Service Medal Timor Leste
New Zealand General Service Medal Afghanistan (Primary)
NATO Medal
Timor Leste Solidarity Medal