D'ARCY, Henry Cecil Dudgeon
Captain, Cape Frontier Light Horse, South African Forces, Zululand, 3 July 1879

Victoria Cross
Gazetted: 9 October 1879
On 3 July 1879 at Ulundi, South Africa, during a reconnaissance, Captain D'Arcy went to the rescue of a trooper of the Frontier Light Horse who had fallen
from his horse as the troops were retiring. The captain waited for the trooper to mount behind him although the enemy were quite close, but the horse
kicked them both off. Captain D'Arcy was hurt by the fall, and quite alone, but he still tried to lift the trooper, who was stunned, on to the horse, and only
mounted and rode off when he was completely exhausted. 

Born 11 August 1850, Wanganui, New Zealand
Died October 1881 Arnatola Forest, South Africa
Buried in King William's Town Cemetery (Grave Memorial # 8543488)

His father, Major Oliver D’Arcy of the 65th Regiment, was posted to the Wanganui Garrison at the time of his birth. In 1860, at the age of 10, Cecil D'Arcy and his family moved to East Cape Colony, South Africa as his father had been posted there.  Cecil D'Arcy enlisted into the Frontier Light Horse (South African Forces) and served as a Captain during the Zulu Wars. He was aged 28 at the time of his award of the Victoria Cross.
He died in October 1881, the actual date is not known, but between 8 August & 28 December in the Arnatola Forest

NOTE: Captain D'Arcy later insisted that Sergeant Edmund O'Toole should also receive an award for his assistance. Sergeant O'Toole (later Captain), became the first native born South African, serving in a South African Unit to be awarded the Victoria Cross.