CHISNALL, David Murray
Y24839, Warrant Officer Marine Technician (Electrical), Royal New Zealand Navy

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
New Year Honours List 2008
Warrant Officer CHISNALL, in his role as Base Emergency Services Officer, initiated several projects that resulted in significant improvements to the ability of HMNZS PHILOMEL and the Naval Base to respond to emergency situations.  This includes a shared services approach to oil spill contingency plans which will increase the Navy’s capability to respond to oil spills and reduce the risk of environmental damage.  This work was put to good effect when a dockyard crane accidentally fell into the sea and all required emergency services were co-ordinated smoothly.  He has worked with the New Zealand Fire Service to produce a Tactical Fire Response Plan, which will provide for a quick and accurate appreciation of a fire anywhere on the Base.  This will allow for an effective management of fires in secure areas, protect assets and safeguard people living and working on Base.  He was also a key member of a team that reviewed safety procedures after four New Zealand Customs personnel were injured during fire-fighting training.  This review found previously unidentified training hazards and equipment limitations.  His recommendations to remedy these have resulted in a much safer training environment.

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration