BROWN Kelvin Lloyd Forrest
2585, Major 18 New Zealand Armoured Regiment, WW2

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 24 October 1944, Supp 36764, p4904
On 27 May ’44, the Regiment was under command 8 Indian Division and Major Brown’s Squadron (B) was ordered to support 6RFF Rif (6/13 Royal Frontier Force Rifles) in an attack across the River Melfa and on to Monte Clavello 680320. The country towards the final objective was most difficult for tanks and shown on all going maps as impassable to all tracked vehicles. In spite of spandau fire and sniping by the enemy, Major Brown carried out personal reconnaissances on foot and guided his squadron onto the objective where they were able to support the Infantry in consolidation.
Again on the following day when his Squadron was supporting an attack with the same Infantry Regiment on to Monte Favone 693331 the Infantry came against a stubborn enemy entrenched in very strong positions on the hillside and were prevented by heavy fire from spandaus and 20mm guns from getting forward. Owing to extremely difficult going the tanks were unable to get at the enemy. Major Brown again personally recc’eed on foot and in very close proximity to enemy MMG’s and found a route, up which he led a troop of his tanks to a position where they could bring fire to bear. From then on, Major Brown personally directed the fire of the tanks and when the direct fire onto the enemy trenches was not effective, he ordered the tanks to fire into the trees above, thereby getting effective air bursting which drove the enemy, estimated at Company strength, off leaving five dead, one wounded, two 20mm guns and one .5 mobile MG. The objective was then secured for the infantry

Mention in Despatches

Military Cross - 3rd class (Greece)
Gazetted 7 April 1942, Supp 35519, p1595
"The KING has been pleased to grant unrestricted permission for the wearing of the following decorations which have been conferred upon the undermentioned officers in recognition of services in the cause of the Allies."

Distinguished Service Order
1939-45 Star
Africa Star
      8th Army
Italy Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
      Mention in Despatches
New Zealand War Service Medal
Coronation Medal 1953
Efficiency Decoration
Military Cross, class 3 (Greece)

Born 22 November 1915, Auckland, New Zealand