The New Zealand Land Wars 1845-1872
HEAPHY Charles, Major, Auckland Rifle Volunteers, New Zealand Militia

South Africa 1899-1902
HARDHAM William James, Farrier Sergeant Major

First World War
ANDREW Leslie Wilton, 2nd Lieutenant, Wellington Regiment
BASSETT Cyril Royston Guyton, Lieutenant, NZ Divisional Signals
BROWN Donald Forrester, Sergeant, Otago Regiment
CRICHTON James, Private, Auckland Regiment
FORSYTH Samuel, Sergeant, NZ Engineers
FREYBERG Bernard Cyril
FRICKLETON Samuel, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Rifle Brigade
GRANT John Gilroy, 2nd Lieutenant, Wellington Regiment
JUDSON Reginald Stanley, 2nd Lieutenant, Auckland Regiment
LAURENT Henry John, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Rifle Brigade
NICHOLAS Henry James, Private, Canterbury Regiment
RHODES-MOORHOUSE William Barnard, Royal Flying Corps
SANDERS William Edward, Commander of HMS Prize - 1917
TRAVIS Richard Charles, Sergeant, Otago Regiment

Second World War
ELLIOTT Keith, Sergeant, 22 NZ Battalion
HINTON John "Jack" Daniel, Sergeant, 20 Battalion
HULME Alfred Clive, Sergeant, 23rd Battalion, 2nd New Zealand Division
NGARIMU Moananui-a-Kiwi, Second Lieutenant, 28 NZ (Maori) Battalion
TRENT Leonard Henry, Squadron Leader, 487 (R.N.Z.A.F.) Squadron
TRIGG Lloyd Allan, Flying Officer, RNZAF, attached 200 Squadron, RAF
UPHAM Charles Hazlitt, Second Lieutenant, 20 NZ Battalion
WARD James Allen, Sergeant Pilot, R.N.Z.A.F (attached to the R.A.F)

Since 1945
APIATA Bill Henry, Lance Corporal, NZ Special Air Service


Awards to members of the British forces in New Zealand 1860-1866
DOWN John Thornton, Ensign, 57th Regiment, Poutoko, 2 October 1863
HOME Anthony, Surgeon
LUCAS John, Colour Sergeant, 40th Regiment, Te Arei, 18 March 1861
McNEILL John Carstairs, Lieutenant-Colonel, 107th Regiment, Ohaupo, 30 March 1864
McKENNA Edward, Colour Sergeant, 65th Regiment, near Cameron Town, Waikato Heads, 7 September 1863
MANLEY William George Nicholas, Assistant Surgeon, Royal Artillery, Tauranga, 29 April 1864
MITCHELL Samuel, Captain of the Foretop, Royal Navy, Tauranga, 29 April 1864
MURRAY John, Sergeant, 68th Regiment, Tauranga, 21 June 1864
ODGERS William, Leading Seaman, Royal Navy, Waireke, 28 March 1860
PICKARD Arthur Frederick, Lieutenant, Royal Artillery, Rangiriri, 20 November 1863
RYAN John, Lance-Corporal, 65th Regiment, near Cameron Town, Waikato Heads, 7 September 1863
SHAW Hugh, Captain, 18th Regiment, Nukumaru, 24 January 1865
SMITH Frederick Augustus, Captain, 43rd Regiment, Tauranga, 21 June 1864
STAGPOOLE Dudley, Drummer, 57th Regiment, Poutoko, 2 October 1863
TEMPLE William, Assistant Surgeon, Royal Artillery, Rangiriri, 20 November 1863

Awards to persons, born in New Zealand while serving with another force
COOKE Thomas, Private, 8th Battalion, AIF, France, 24-25 July 1916
D'ARCY Henry Cecil Dudgeon, Captain, Frontier Light Horse, South African Forces, Zululand, 3 July 1879
SHOUT Alfred John, Captain, 1st Battalion, AIF, Gallipoli, 9 August 1915
STORKEY Percey Valentine, Lieutenant, 19th Battalion, AIF, France, 7 April 1918
WEATHERS Lawrence Carthage, Lance-Corporal (Temporary Corporal), 43rd Bn, AIF, France, 2 September 1918

Other VC Recipients buried in New Zealand or having a link to New Zealand
BURSLEM Nathaniel Godolphin, Captain, 67th Regiment (Hampshire Regiment)
BOYES Duncan Gordon, Midshipman, Royal Navy
DANIEL Edward St. John, Midshipman, Royal Navy
DIAMOND Bernard, Sergeant, Bengal Horse Artillery
DOWELL George Dare, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Marine Artillery
MARTINEAU, Horace Robert, Sergeant, Protectorate Regiment, South African Forces
O'HEA Timothy, New Zealand Armed Constabulary
PYE Charles, commissioned as Inspector & captain into the Colonial Defence Force (New Zealand Militia),