NASH The Right Honourable Walter, CH.  For political and public services.
HOLYOAKE The Right Honourable Keith Jacka, CH.  Prime Minister.
HARDIE BOYS The Right Honourable (Justice) Michael.  Governor-General Designate of New Zealand.
MULDOON The Right Honourable Robert David, CH, MP.  Prime Minister.
REEVES Paul Alfred
TIZARD Catherine Anne

HERCUS The Honourable (Margaret) Ann.
HOLYOAKE Lady Norma Janet, of Government House

ADAMS-SCHNEIDER The Right Honourable Lancelot Raymond.  For public services, Lately as New Zealand Ambassador to the United States of America.
BARROWCLOUGH The Honourable Harold Eric, CB, DSO, MC, ED.  Chief Justice
BUCK Peter Rangihiroa
CARTER The Honourable Douglas Julian. For public services,  lately as New Zealand High Commissioner in the United Kingdom.
CHAYTOR Edward Walter Clervaux
DOIDGE His Excellency Frederick Widdowson.  High Commissioner in London for New Zealand.
GOOSMAN The Honourable William Stanley.  For political and public services.
JORDAN The Right Honourable William Joseph.  High Commissioner in London for New Zealand, 1936–1951
LAKING George Robert, CMG.  Chief Ombudsman 1977-84.
LILEY Professor Albert William, CMG.  For distinguished services to medicine.
MacDONALD His Excellency the Honourable Thomas Lachlan.  High Commissioner for New Zealand in London.
MacFARLANE The Honourable Robert Mafeking, CMG.  For long and valuable services in Parliament and to the City of Christchurch.
McALPINE The Honourable John Kenneth, CMG.  For public services, especially as chairman of the New Zealand Ports Authority since 1969.
McINTOSH Alister Donald, CMG.  For devoted public service.
McKAY The Honourable Donald Norman.  For public services.
MUNRO Leslie Knox.  Her Majesty's New Zealand Ambassador to the United States of America
NORDMEYER The Honourable Arnold Henry, CMG, JP.  For public services.
POLSON William John.  For public and political services
ROBERTSON John Fraser, CBE - Chief Ombudsman.
ROWLING The Right Honourable Wallace Edward, MP.  Prime Minister of New Zealand 1974–75 and lately Leader of the Opposition.
RUSSELL Andrew Hamilton
SULLIVAN The Honourable William.  Lately Minister of Labour, Mines and Housing.
TIRIKATENE The Honourable Eruera Tihema.  Minister of Forests, Minister in charge of the Govt Printing and Stationery Department and Associate to the Minister of Maori Affairs.
WEBB The Honourable Thomas Clifton, QC.  High Commissioner in the UK for Her Majesty's Government in New Zealand, formerly Attorney-General and Minister of External Affairs

AGAR Charles Phipp, JP.  For services to local government and the dairy industry.
ALDERMAN Walter William, Lieutenant Colonel, Australian Commonwealth Force, att 1 Auckland Regiment
ALDERTON George Edwin Lisle.  High Commissioner for New Zealand in the Commonwealth of Australia
ALLEN Alfred Ernest.  Lately Speaker, House of Representatives.
ALLEN Stephen Shepherd, Lieutenant Colonel, 2 Auckland Regiment
ANGUS Barbara.  For diplomatic and community services.
ANSELL Graham Keith.  Lately Secretary of External Relations and Trade.
ARBUCKLE Ronald Hugh.  For services to science and industry.
ARCHER Kendrick Gee.  For most valuable services as a Judge of the Valuation Court and chairman of various administrative tribunals.
ASKIN Frank Richardson.  For services as Commissioner of Works (1969–72) and lately as deputy chairman of the University Grants Committee.
ATKINSON Leonard Allan.  Chairman of the Public Service Commission.
AVERILL The Most Reverend Alfred Walter.  Former Archbishop of New Zealand. For services to the community as Bishop and Archbishop.
AVERILL Leslie Cecil Lloyd, MC, MD, FRCS.  For services to the medical profession in New Zealand.
AVERY Henry Essau, Major, 1 Company, Divisional Train, New Zealand Army Service Corps
BAIN Donald William, MBE.  For services to education.
BARKER Douglas William Ashley Barker - Secretary to the Treasury.
BARTON-GINGER Albert, JP.  For services to the community.
BEAGLEHOLE John Cawte.  For services in the fields of historical research and literature.
BEEBY Charles Edward.  Director of Education.
BEGG Adam Miller.  Chairman, New Zealand Meat Producers Board.
BENNETT Manuhuia Augustus Tutewehiwehi.  Lately Bishop of Aotearoa.
BOCKETT Arthur Ernest, OBE.  Commissioner of the Waterfront Industry Commission.
BOCKETT Herbert Leslie.  Secretary of Labour and Director of Employment.
BOLT George Thomas.  Chairman of the Public Service Commission.
BRAITHWAITE William Garnet, Lieutenant Colonel (temp Brigadier General), New Zealand Divisional Headquarters
BREMNER William Milton Douglas.  For public services and services to the textile industry.
BROCKLESBY David William.  Lately Professor of Tropical Animal Health; Director of the Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine.
BROWN Lloyd Gilbert.  For services to manufacturing and development of energy resources.
BURGESS William Livingstone Hatchwell, New Zealand Staff Corps, att Australian Artillery
BURNS George.  For services to journalism.
CAIRNEY John, MD, FRACS.  Director-General of Health and Inspector-General of Hospitals.
CALLAM Howard Graham Fleming.  For services as Chairman of the Totalisator Agency Board, and to the community.
CAMERON Bruce James.  Lately Deputy Secretary for Justice.
CAMERON Malcolm Leitch.  Lately Director General, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
CAMPBELL Arnold Everitt.  Director, Department of Education.
CAMPBELL James Samson.  For services to the fishing industry as general manager of the Fishing Industry Board, 1962–75.
CARPENTER Emily Elizabeth.  For services to the Consumer Council and home science.
CASTLE Lester John.  President of the New Zealand Law Society, 1974–77.
CHALMERS Henry Ralph Hervey.  For services to banking and sport.
CHAPMAN Prof. Robert McDonald.  For public services.
CHARTERS Alexander Burnet
CHESTERMAN Jack James.  Secretary of Energy, Ministry of Energy.
CLADWELL Charles Frederick Sutton.  For services to education and the community.
CLARK John William Harris.  Secretary of Trade and Industry.
CLARK Prof. Margaret.  For services to education.
CLARK-HALL Robert Hamilton
CLARKE Prof. Alan Maxwell.  For services to medicine.
CLARKE John.  Chairman, New Zealand Wool Board, 1972–80.
COATES The Honourable Mr. Justice Alan Aylmer.  For public services and services as a Stipendiary Magistrate.
CONNELLY The Honourable Michael Aynsley, QSO.  For public service.
CORKILL Thomas Frederick Corkill MC, MD, FRCP.  Senior obstetrician in Wellington
CORNER Frank Henry.  Lately Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
CROSS Ian Robert.  For services to broadcasting and literature.
CUSHING Selwyn John.  For services to business management.
DAVENPORT Arthur Egbert.  Lately general manager of the New Zealand Electricity Department
DAVISON Ronald Keith, QC.  For public services.
FALLA Norris Stephen
FALLA Robert Alexander.  Director of the Dominion Museum.
FIPPARD Norman Basil, MBE, JP.  For public and community service.
FORD The Reverend Wilfred Franklin.  For services to the community as a Methodist Minister
FOX The Honourable William Arthur.  For public services.
FRASER The Very Reverend Dr. Ian Watson.  For humanitarian services over a wide field, particularly in respect of refugees.
FRASER Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth Wharton, OBE, ED.  Dominion president of the New Zealand Returned Services' Association.
FREEMAN Charles James.  For public and community services.
FRIIS Alfred Lawrence.  For very valuable services to the dairy industry.
FULLARTON Hugh Alexander.  Chairman of the Local Government Commission since 1967.
FULTON Harry Townsend
FUSSELL Edward Coldham.  Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
GAIR The Honourable George Frederick, QSO.  Lately New Zealand High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
GEMMELL James Hunter.  For services to manufacturing and export.
GERARD The Honourable Richard Geoffrey.  For public services.
GILKISON John Thomson.  Commissioner of Works.
GLASSE Alfred Onslow OBE, MC, JP.  For services to the community and particularly to local government in Auckland.
GOWLAND William Percy Gowland MD, FRCS.  Professor emeritus of anatomy, University of Otago
GRAHAM James Thompson.  Chairman, New Zealand Dairy Board.
GREENSMITH Edwin Lloydd.  Secretary to the Treasury.
HANSON Frederick Melrose Horowhenua, DSO*, MM, ED.  Commissioner of Works.
HART Herbert Ernest
HEALY Arthur John.  Secretary for Transport.
HEAP John Arnfield.  Head of the Polar Regions Section, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
HERBISON Jean Marjory.  For services to education.
HERD Professor Emeritus Eric William.  For services to linguistics and the community.
HICKFORD Lawrence David, OBE.  For very valuable services to local government and the dairy industry.
HIDDLESTONE Dr Herbert John Hall.  lately Director-General of Health, Department of Health.
HILGENDORF Charles.  For very valuable services to farming.
HINTZ Orton Sutherland.  For services in the field of journalism.
HODGETTS John William.  For services to the building industry and the community.
HOGG Cuthbert Stuart.  For services to sport and administration, especially as chairman of the NZ Rugby Union and Chairman of the New Zealand Tariff and Development Board
HOLLOWAY The Honourable Philip North.  For public services.
HORROBIN Walter.  For services to farming, especially as chairman of the New Zealand Wool Board.
HUGHES John Gethin
HUNN Jack Kent.  Permanent head, Ministry of Defence
HURLEY Albert Eaton.  Parliamentary Commissioner for Investigation (Ombudsman), 1976–80.
HUTCHINSON Osmond.  For services to the community.
JAMES John Anthony.  For services to neurosurgery.
JAMIESON Raymond Douglas.  Lately Chief Judge of the Arbitration Court.
JOHNSTON The Most Reverend Allen Howard.  Anglican Primate and Archbishop of New Zealand since 1972 and Bishop of Waikato since 1969.
KEAN Jack Alexander McLeod.  Lately Comptroller of Customs.
KEAR Dr David.  Director-General of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
KEATING Edwin Joseph Keating.  For public and community services.
KEILLER Brian Edwin.  Chairman of the Wellington Harbour Board.
KEPPEL Cyril John.  For services to the aviation industry, lately as chairman of Air New Zealand Limited.
KIDDLE Kenneth Walter.  Chairman, New Zealand Apple and Pear Marketing Board.
KIRKPATRICK Douglas Callum, JP.  For services as Chairman of the Forestry Council and to business management.
KNEEBONE John Thomas.  For public services and services to agriculture.
LAING Percy Lyndon.  Lately Commissioner of Works.
LAKING George Robert. Secretary of External Affairs.
LEARY Leonard Poulter, MC, QC.  For valuable services to law.
LESSER The Most Reverend Norman Alfred.  For very valuable services as Primate and Archbishop of New Zealand of the Anglican Church.
LILEY Albert William Liley PhD MB - of Auckland. For valuable services to medicine.
LISTON The Most Reverend James Michael.  Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland.
LOUGH Noel Vernon.  Secretary to the Treasury, 1977–80.
LUDBROOK Samuel Lawrence MB, ChB.  For most valuable services to paediatrics and child health.
LUXFORD John Hector.  Principal Stipendiary Magistrate in Auckland.
MacFARLANE Robert Mafeking, JP.  Mayor of Christchurch.
MacINTYRE Duncan
MACKEN Frederick Raymond.  Commissioner of Inland Revenue.
MACKESY Charles Ernest Randolph
McALPINE The Honourable John Kenneth.  For most valuable services to politics.
McCARROLL James Neil
McELROY Roy Granville.  For very valuable services to the community.
McEWEN Jock Malcolm.  lately Secretary of Maori Affairs.
McGAVIN Donald Johnstone
McINTOSH Alister Donald.  Permanent head of the Prime Minister's Department and Secretary of External Affairs
McIVER Lieutenant General Donald Stuart, OBE.  Director, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.
McKEEN Robert.  For services in public affairs as a trade unionist; Member of Parliament, 1922–1954; and Speaker of the House of Representatives, 1947–1950.
McKENZIE Donald Dixon, MB, ChB.  Senior surgeon, Auckland Public Hospital.
McKILLOP Edgar Ravenswood.  Commissioner of Works.
McLEAN Denis Bazeley Gordon.  Lately Secretary of Defence.
McLEOD Norman Colin.  Commissioner of Works.
McVEAGH John Patrick.  Chief Parliamentary Counsel.
MANN Athol Wilson.  For services to the accountancy profession, the arts and community.
MANNING George.  For services to education and local government.
MASON The Honourable Henry Greathead Rex, QC.  For public services.
MEHRTENS Kenneth Frederick.  Lately Chairman, New Zealand Dairy Board.
MELDRUM William, Lieutenant Colonel, Wellington Mounted Rifles
MILLS The Honourable John Raymond.  For services as a Crown Solicitor.
MELVILL Charles William
MOLINEAUX Paul Loxton.  Lately Director, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.
MORRISON Patrick George.  For services to the wool industry.
MURRAY Donald Norman Watson
NEARY Anthony Joseph.  For services to the trade union movement.
NOLAN Margaret Rita.  For public and community services.
NORDMEYER The Honourable Arnold Henry.  For most valuable services to politics.
O'BRIEN Kevin Benjamin.  For services to Victoria University of Wellington and the Commerce Commission.
O’NEILL Eugene Joseph
O'SHEA Alexander Paterson.  General Secretary of Federated Farmers of New Zealand.
ONION Francis Leo, JP.  For services to farming
PAPPS Lyndsay Mason.  For public services.
PATERSON Stronach, of Wellington.  For public services
PATTERSON Colin Isaac.  Chairman of the Securities Commission.
PERRY Thomas Wilfred.  For valuable services to business, finance and the footwear manufacturing industry.
PHILLIPS Professor Neville Crompton.  For services in education.
PICOT Brian Hall.  For public and community service.
POWLES Charles Guy
PURVES Herbert Dudley.  For services to medicine
RAE Duncan McFadyen.  New Zealand Consul-General in Indonesia.
RATTRAY Major Neill Aylmer, MBE, JP.  For public services, particularly as president of the New Zealand Counties Association.
REID Hector Gowans
REX The Honourable Robert Richmond, OBE.  Premier of Niue.
ROBB Andrew Gordon.  For public services.
ROBB George Douglas, MD, FRCS.  A consulting surgeon, of Auckland
ROBERTS James.  Secretary of the New Zealand Waterside Workers' Federation and the Alliance of Labour.
RODDA Adrian George.  Chairman, State Services Commission.
RODGERS The Most Reverend John Hubert Macey, SM.  For services as Roman Catholic Bishop in Tonga and the Cook Islands.
ROSS Lewis Nathan.  For services to commerce.
RYBURN The Reverend Hubert James.  Master of Knox College, Dunedin, and Chancellor of the University of Otago.
SANDFORD Kenneth Leslie.  Chairman of the Accident Compensation Commission.
SAYERS Edward George, MC, FRCP.  Prominent physician, of Auckland. For public services.
SCHMITT Prof. Emeritus Geoffrey Joseph.  For services to industry and education.
SHADWELL Thomas Graeme.  Lately Commissioner of Works.
SHAILES Alfred Charles.  Controller and Auditor-General, Audit Department, 1975–83.
SHANAHAN Foss.  Deputy secretary of External Affairs and deputy head of the Prime Minister's Department
SHIRTCLIFFE George Peter.  For services to marketing and business management.
SIDEY Thomas Kay Stuart.  For services to the community, especially to local government.
SIMKIN The Right Reverend William John Simkin - formerly Bishop of Auckland. For services to the community.
SINCLAIR Shapton Donald.  For very valuable services as chairman of the New Zealand Apple and Pear Marketing Board
SMITH Brigadier John Lindsay, CBE.  Director, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.
SOMERVILLE The Very Reverend John Spenser, MC.  For services to the Presbyterian Church and the University of Otago.
STANDISH Ivon Tatham
STANNARD Robert William.  For services to the accountancy profession.
STEWART Alexander Edward
STEWART Ian Lachlan Gordon.  For services to the International Whaling Commission and diplomacy.
TAUROA Edward Te Rangihiwinui (Hiwi), JP.  For public services.
TEMPERLEY Arthur Cecil
TEWSLEY Cyril Hocken
THOMAS Ivan.  For most valuable services as general manager of the New Zealand Railways.
THOMSON The Right Honourable David Spence MC, ED.  For public services.
THOMSON Prof. Keith Westhead, MBE.  For services to the arts, especially as Chairman, National Art Gallery, Museum and War Memorial.
TITTER Harold Mervyn.  For services to business management and the community.
TODD Thomas John Marr
TUDHOPE David Hamilton, DFC.  For services to the development of energy resources.
TURNER Judge Arnold Reay.  For services to local government and the community.
TUTENGAEHE Hohua Taharangi Te Matehapara.  For services to the Maori people and community.
VAULIER Kerrin Margaret.  For services to economics and business management.
WAITE Frederick
WALKER The Honourable Herbert John, JP.  For public and community service.
WALTON Robert Josiah, OBE, QPM, ED.  Commissioner, New Zealand Police.
WARD Denzil Anthony Seaver Ward - of Wellington. For services as Law Draftsman and Compiler of Statutes.
WARDELL Henry John.  Chairman of the New Zealand Wool Board.
WARREN The Right Reverend Alwyn Keith, MC.  Lately Bishop of Christchurch.
WATSON Gordon Graham Gibbes, QC.  For services to the legal profession.
WEST-WATSON The Most Reverend Dr Campbell West.  Primate, Archbishop and Metropolitan of New Zealand, 1940–1951.
WHITE Raymond Walter Ralph.  lately Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
WILSON George Hamish Ormond.  For services as Chairman of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and the Board of Trustees of the National Art Gallery and Museum
WILSON Stanley Livingstone
WINSTONE Dorothy Gertrude.  For public services.
WOOD Professor Emeritus Frederick Lloyd Whitfeld.  For services to scholarship and Victoria University, Wellington.
YOUNG The Honourable William Lambert, JP.  For public services.