WYLIE, Dominic Gareth Crosby
Captain, New Zealand Army

Distinguished Service Decoration
Queen's Birthday Honours 2 June 2014
Captain WYLIE was the Afghan National Security Forces Liaison Officer for the duration of the final New Zealand contingent deployment to Bamyan,
Afghanistan in 2013. His role involved daily interaction with the Afghan National Police, the Afghan National Directorate of Security and the Afghan
Provincial Operational Coordination Centre. Captain WYLIE’s efforts contributed to the readiness of the Afghan National Security Forces to face
security challenges beyond the presence of New Zealand and other members of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Bamyan
province. He worked with the Afghans to improve their training, access to equipment and their ability to plan complex operations involving several
agencies. He assisted in the establishment of an Afghan Peace and Reconciliation Council, a formal body that aims to reintegrate former insurgents
into local society. He oversaw the re-establishment of the Afghan National Police Provincial Response Company, a group of highly trained
paramilitary officers. Captain WYLIE prepared a comprehensive capability demonstration involving the various groups within the Afghan National
Security Forces. This demonstration, the first of its kind to be held, showed the Afghan government and people of Bamyan the progress made by
Afghan security forces and their ability to protect them after the departure of the ISAF.

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
New Zealand Operational Service Medal
New Zealand General Service Medal - Timor Leste
New Zealand General Service Medal Afghanistan (Primary)
NATO Medal
New Zealand Defence Service Medal
Timor Leste Solidarity Medal