WATTERS, William Peter
F1009383, Corporal, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
Queen's Birthday Honours List 2007
Major Eugene WHAKAHOEHOE and Corporal William WATTERS and Royce Siataga Nelson were part of the New Zealand contingent that deployed
to Timor Leste at short notice in June 2006.

They worked closely for much of the time. Major WHAKAHOEHOE dealt with complex issues in Becora, one of the most violent and volatile areas
before the arrival of the task force. Corporal Siataga NELSON commanded a rifle section as part of the stabilisation force. He personally established
a rapport with the local community, through village chiefs, and this produced sound intelligence for subsequent direct action operations.

The intelligence he was able to gather resulted in the arrest of 10 members of a gang responsible for extensive arson, intimidation and looting. This
led to a significant reduction in criminal activity in the region and paved the way for an international police force to begin operations.

Corporal WATTERS was second in command of a rifle section, and during a very intense phase of activity he was required to step up and was
appointed acting section commander.

Major WHAKAHOEHOE said while Timor Leste was dangerous and volatile when his contingent deployed, it was satisfying to see the immediate
effects of the stabilisation force, and to see soldiers adapting to the situation within hours of their arrival. Vehicle checkpoints were quickly established, as were fighting and clearing patrols to detect rioting, and detain miscreants.

“The mission brought out the importance of leadership at every level, and I feel our success reflected the way we are trained to lead in the NZ Army. Our soldiers are the best in the world – I'm convinced of that. They understand people, they relate to people, and they know how to get great returns without the use of a gun barrel. My soldiers’ role was critical to our success in Timor.”

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
New Zealand Operational Service Medal
New Zealand East Timor Medal
United Nations Medal (UNTAET)