PETT, Brendon
R24234, Wing Commander, Royal New Zealand Air Force

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
Queen's Birthday Honours List 2010
Wing Commander PETT was posted as the inaugural Commanding Officer Integrated Mission Support Squadron (IMSS) in July 2007.  IMSS was
formed to provide software, simulation and mission support to the upgraded P-3K Orion aircraft, but quickly expanded to include support to all
Royal New Zealand Air Force operational squadrons and the capability to support the introduction into service of new or upgraded aircraft types.
Concurrently, he also assumed the role of Intelligence Trade Sponsor.  In this capacity, Wing Commander PETT has overseen the formation  of a
new trade structure, implementation of trade training and the management of intelligence personnel.  Wing Commander PETT was instrumental in
the acceptance of IMSS as a credible intelligence provider. This included a project which allows the P-3K Orion to seamlessly transfer intelligence
information within the New Zealand Defence Force and across other government agencies. He has also identified knowledge based opportunities
by establishing close working relationships with the commercial sector.  Under Wing Commander PETT’s watch, IMSS has become cemented as the
centre of excellence for mission support.

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
New Zealand Operational Service Medal
New Zealand East Timor Medal
New Zealand General Service Medal Afghanistan (Primary)
New Zealand Armed Forces Award