MURRAY Donald Norman Watson
3/273, Lieutenant Colonel, New Zealand Medical Corps, WW1
42284, Colonel, No 1 New Zealand Hospital Ship 'Maunganui'
Service in WW2

Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)
Gazetted 1 January 1919, p6
This officer has during the period under review (25 February 1918 to 16 September 1918) rendered most valuable service.  From 25 April 1918 to 6 June 1918 his unit (No 2 Field Ambulance) evacuated wounded from the area in advance of Sailiy-au-Bois.  This officer constantky visited the forward posts and tracks, and by his careful selection of these and the construction of an excellent shell-proof dressing station at Sailiy-au-Bois undoubtedly saved the lives of many  of his personnel and of the wounded in his charge, as both this station and the tracks were frequently shelled.  From 6 June 1918 to 31 August 1918 this officer had charge of the Divisional Rest Station.  By his careful organisation and constant suoervision of this station he had svaed much sick wastage to the Division.  Lieutenant Colonel Murray commanded the New Zealand  Mounted Field Ambulance since its formation in February 1916.  His tireless energy and great powers of organisation have contributed very greatly to the efficiency of the Medical Services of the Division.  During periods of absence of the ADMS on leave or when sick this officer has carried out the duties of that appointment to the complete satisfaction of all concerned.

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 1 January 1917, p29
He has shown great resource and initiative during the operations on the Somme since 15 September 1916.  He has carried out the work of evacuating wounded under circumstances the most arduous and dangerous.  His work has been a model of successful organisation.  During the past two years this officer has done most valuable work.  His unit was hastily organised last February in the field from Infantry and Mounted Rifle details.  In the course of a few months it became, under his able command, a most efficient field ambulance in the New Zealand Forces.

Mention in Despatches
Gazetted 4 January 1917, p262
Mentioned in the despatch fron General Sir Dougla Haig, GCB, Commander-in-Chief of the British Armies in France, dated 13 November 1916.

Mention in Despatches
Gazetted 28 December 1917, p13576
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.  During the offensive of 4th October 1917 and the two days before and after this offensive this officer was in charge of the Advanced Dressing Station at Wieltje (NE of Ypres) and of the evacuation of wounded from the advanced posts.  He frequently, at great personal risk, went to the Aid Posts to assure himself that they were being cleared.  He personally directed the loading of ambulance cars, at the Advanced Dressing Station although the road upon which he stood was at times heavily shelled.  His presence here and his total disregard of his personal safety was an inspiration to all who saw him  This officer performed excellent work in a similar capacity during the Messines offensive.  He was awarded the DSO for his work during operations of this Division at the Somme.

Mention in Despatches
Gazetted 31 December 1918, p15231
Sir D. Haig's despatch of 8 November 1918, submitting names deserving of special mention.

Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)
Distinguished Service Order
Queen’s South Africa Medal
1914-15 Star
British War Medal
Victory Medal
       Mention in Despatches
1939-45 Star
Pacific Star
War Medal 1939-45
New Zealand War Service Medal
New Zealand Long and Efficient Service Medal

Born 28 August 1876, Auckland, New Zealand
Died 4 September 1945, Auckland, New Zealand