MORTIBOY, Christopher Gerard
E993443, Major, Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
Queen's Birthday Honours List 2008
Major MORTIBOY was appointed in April 2006 to the post of Engineering Project Officer for the Army Command and Control Battle Laboratory, part of the Army’s Experimentation and Innovation Programme.  The aim of the project, in collaboration with industry, was to identify the most appropriate application of Information Age Capability to facilitate the networking of combat information across the battlefield of the future.  He approached this project with passion and determination, quickly assessing the many challenges and then establishing excellent productive and mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with industry partners.  In doing so, he succeeded in translating an ambitious vision into a practical, functional plan that will ensure that Army accurately articulates its capability requirements to industry, incrementally solves issues that arise, and learns vital lessons as it seeks to meet future capability challenges in a complex fighting and engineering environment.  He has done much to ensure that Army made this quantum leap forward, by becoming familiar with the challenges and requirements of the digitised battlefield environment.

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration