MORRIS, Wayne Robert
Warrant Officer Weapon Technician, Royal New Zealand Navy

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
Queen's Birthday Honours List 2008
Warrant Officer MORRIS was seconded in April 2006 to the Ministry of Defence Project Protector team in the Netherlands to work on the Magazine and Armament inspections of Canterbury.  During this process, he discovered significant shortcomings in the ship builders’ provisions for the Magazines. 
He carried out detailed work to clearly identify the shortcomings to the contractor, providing in depth expertise on the issues of non-compliance that had to be addressed.  His efforts allowed the Ministry of Defence to promptly take up this matter with the builder and achieve contractual compliance.  In October 2006, he became part of the commissioning crew of Canterbury in the role of Deputy Weapons Engineering Officer. 
He worked long hours, many in his own time, in the weeks preceding ship delivery, providing the Ministry of Defence with advice on the installation and set to work of the Armament systems, as well as making the required preparations for delivery of the ship to the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN).  He demonstrated outstanding leadership to achieve a pass in the rigorous RNZN Safety and Readiness checks process; and often under pressure, he ensured that his department provided the highest level of professional service and equipment availability to the Command.

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
Royal New Zealand Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal