LOW Harry John Gordon
13251, New Zealand Military WW2
30071, Lieutenant Colonel, New Zealand Regiment att 1st Battalion Fiji Regiment

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 27 May 1955, Supp 40492, p3148
In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Malaya during the period 1st July to 31st December 1954.
Lieutenant Colonel Low has commanded the 1st Battalion, Fiji Infantry Regiment, since 1st October 1953.  During this time, his battalion has had a record of achievement against the Communist terrorists in Malaya that is second to none.  But for the outstanding leadership, drive and acumen of its Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Low, this could never have happened.
He has had many difficulties to contend with.  First, there is the crafty and treacherous nature of the enemy.  In combating this, Lieutenant Colonel Low has shown himself indomitable. Cool in council, swift in action and undaunted in danger, he is a magnificent man of action and an inspiration to all about him
Next, there has been a complete turn-over of the rank and file of his Battalion, and a large proportion of the officers, during the year.  Under a lesser man, in these circumstances, the Battalion may have faltered.  But Lieutenant Colonel Low, almost single handed, preserved the soul of this Battalion and inspired the new drafts of officers and men with his own enthusiasm and dash.
Finally, the Fijians were serving thousands of miles from their native soil, many of them separated from their homes and families for the first time and without having behind them any long traditions of overseas service.  Again, due to the unfailing leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Low, morale remained as high as ever, the rank and file being contented, happy and successful..
Through these vicissitudes, Lieutenant Colonel Low’s inspiration and leadership have been quite outstanding, and but for this, his Battalion could never have succeeded as it has done.  He has displayed the highest qualities of leadership in the best traditions of New Zealand’s famous fighting men

Military Cross
Gazetted 19 June 1945, Supp 37138, p3237
The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following immediate awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy.

Mention in Despatches

Distinguished Service Order
Military Cross
1939-45 Star
Africa Star
8th Army
Italy Star
Defence Medal
War Service Medal 1939-45
New Zealand War Service Medal
New Zealand Operational Service Medal
General Service Medal 1918
Malaya, Mention in Despatches
Efficiency Decoration
Sultan of Jahore Diamond Jubilee Medal (Malaya)

Born 27 April 1919, Nelson, New Zealand
Died 2003 New Zealand