KING Peter Frank
206382, Captain, 16 Field Regiment, Royal NZ Artillery, Korea

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 18 March 1952, Supp 39494, p1545
In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Korea.  Captain King was forward Artillery Observation officer in support of “C” Company, 1 Battalion The Kings own Scottish Borderers. At about 2.30 pm the company positions came under heavy artillery and mortar fire and shortly afterwards, enemy infantry attacked along a ridge from the west and approached the company area.  Defensive fire which Captain King called down from his regiment and adjusted on the enemy forces succeeded in breaking up the attack
At about 3.30 pm, however, the enemy launched another attack preceded by an intensive artillery barrage.  Captain King again called for defensive fire but shortly afterwards his radio set was destroyed and line communications cut so that he was unable to continue giving fire orders to the guns, and the enemy having advanced through their own barrage, penetrated the company position.
With complete disregard for the intense fire on the position, Captain King moved to the danger spot and there, armed with grenades and supported by light machine gun parties he had collected, he endeavored to restore the situation.  When the grenades and small arms ammunition were expended he went back to the company headquarters area together with his radio operator and re-armed and then returned to the west flank where he directed the defence and engaged the enemy in close combat.  The action was repeated several times under intense artillery, mortar and machine gun fire during which Captain King was wounded three times.  He continued in his efforts to restore the position, until at 5.30 pm he was ordered by the Company Commander to withdraw.  The gallantry, coolness under fire and outstanding tenacity shown by this officer, when wounded, in a valiant attempt to restore the position on the west flank, enabled the company position to be held for approximately two hours until excessive casualties necessitated a withdrawal.
The superb example displayed by Captain King inspired all personnel in the Company area to greater efforts in stemming the enemy attack.
(Hill 355, Korea, 4 November 1951)

Military Cross
Holland October 1944

Distinguished Service Order
Military Cross
1939-45 Star
France and Germany Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
Queen's Korea Medal
United Nations Korea Medal
United Nations Medal for Pakistan (UNMOGIP)

Born 30 October 1916, Caxton, England
Drowned following motor accident 12 December 1962, Lake Wahapo, South Westland, New Zealand
Buried Whataroa, South Westland, New Zealand