KENNEDY Donald Gilbert
80682 Major, British Solomon Islands Protectorate Defence Force

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 21 September 1943, p4221
In February 1942, District Officer was appointed District Officer and Commander (with the rank of Major) of the allied forces in the western islands of the Solomons Group.  As communication was mainly by sea, he gathered a flotilla of schooners which constantly ran the gauntlet of enemy strafing and bombing as they went about their duties.  These ships were used to repatriate stranded labour, carry supplies, maintain communications and attack enemy posts.  Major Kennedy used the ship Waiai as his flagship in co-ordinating the work of his fleet and as his carrier whenever he personally led attacks on the enemy.  Between February and April 1942, this officer visited all the important villages in the islands for which he was responsible to reassure the native inhabitants of the continuing Allied presence.  In July, Major Kennedy moved his headquarters to Segi from where he stepped up his raids on the enemy, capturing among other items two armed barges plus petrol etc.  From this base many raids were made and a number of enemy craft sunk plus many troops eliminated.  In July 1943, Allied forces returned to these islands and Major Kennedy was relieved.  During his control of his area, this officer recruited an effective fighting force and by his personal example and courage inspired all under his command to effectively deny the enemy control of a large area of the Solomon Islands.

[Based on the report and account of this period of history published in “Among those present” HMSO, 1946]

Distinguished Service Order
1939-45 Star
Pacific Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
Distinguished Service Cross (USA)

Born 12 March 1898 Southland, New Zealand
Died 12 July 1976 Baylys Beach, New Zealand