HEWITT John Graham
Commander, Royal Navy, WW2

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 25 Jun 1940, Supp 34882, p3917
For courage and resource in operations on the Norwegian Coast. HMS Auckland was one of four sloops which took part in operation Primrose and carried 15 Officers and 180 Royal Marines from Rosyth to Aandelsnes and Aalsund (18-19 April 1940).  In defence against frequent air attack during this operation one enemy aircraft was certainly shot down and several more claimed.  Auckland returned to Aandelsnes and the Norwegian Coast between 29 April and 3 May (1940) and was again almost continuously under air attack, finally evacuating the rear guard from Aandelsnes.  It fell to the lot Auckland to bring the first troops to this area and to evacuate the last.  The continued efficiency and the high morale maintained by officers and ship’s company of Auckland during the whole period during which it is estimated that approximately 400 bombs fell near the ship, is a tribute to the leadership of the commanding officer

Mention in Despatches
Gazetted 7 November 1941, Supp 35342, p6495

Mention in Despatches
Gazetted 19 February 1943, Supp 35915, p935

War Cross with Swords (Norway)
Gazetted 9 October 1942, Supp 35743, p4450
For great gallantry and leadership before the enemy, during the Norwegian Campaign.

Distinguished Service order
1939-45 Star
Atlantic Star
Pacific Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
       Mention in Despatches (2)
War Cross with Swords (Norway)

Born 15 October 1902, Greymouth, New Zealand
Died after 1980, Surrey, England