ENSOR Maechel (Michael) Anthony
NZ402175, Wing Commander, New Zealander in Royal Air Force, WW2
59073, Wing Commander, Royal Air Force

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 16 February 1943, p812
In November 1942 Squadron Leader Ensor and Sergeant Roe were captain and rear gunner of an aircraft employed on anti submarine patrol. During
this flight a U-boat was observed on the surface of the sea and Squadron Leader Ensor attacked it from a height of 50 feet causing it to blow up. The
force of the explosion caused severe damage to the aircraft. Sergeant Roe, after reporting the damage to his captain, left his turret and with complete
disregard for his own safety commenced jettisoning all moveable equipment in an effort to assist his captain to keep the aircraft airborne. Squadron
Leader Ensor made great efforts to retain control, but although he succeeded in climbing his damaged aircraft to 1500 feet, one engine failed, and
he was compelled to give orders for the aircraft to be abandoned. In the face of most harassing circumstances Squadron Leader Ensor’s gallantry,
supported by Sergeant Roe, displayed courage and devotion to duty of a high order

Bar to the Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 6 February 1945, p761
Squadron Leader Ensor has taken part in many operational sorties during his 2nd tour of duty. During this period he has attacked many enemy
U-Boats on three occasions. One of the submarines was probably seriously damaged, and from one of the many engagements, Squadron Leader
Ensor’s aircraft was severely damaged by the heavy and accurate anti-aircraft fire encountered. This officer has displayed outstanding enthusiasm, tact and courage as Flight Commander and officer in charge of squadron training. He has contributed much to the development of new and successful methods of attacking submarines

Distinguished Flying Cross
Gazetted 12 February 1942
One night in January, 1942, Pilot Officer Ensor and Sergeant Paige were the pilot and observer respectively of an aircraft which was engaged on an operational sortie over enemy waters. A convoy of 3 ships was observed sailing through the ice floes. Pilot Officer Ensor attacked the leading ship from mast height and scored direct hits with some of his bombs. Whilst taking violent evasive action at an extremely low altitude, the aircraft struck a rock which disabled the starboard engine, rendered all instruments and the turret unserviceable, and extinguished all the lights. Thus handicapped, Pilot Officer Ensor skilfully regained height in a heavy snowstorm but later, whilst flying over land and uncertain of his bearings, his aircraft was subjected to antiaircraft fire and searchlight activity for some 30 minutes. Eventually, the position was identified and, ably assisted by Sergeant Paige's excellent navigation, Pilot Officer Ensor flew across the sea with only one engine of his aircraft functioning.  On reaching this country he was compelled to attempt a forced landing owing to shortage of petrol and, although it was snowing heavily, assisted by Sergeant Paige, who fired Verey lights in quick succession in an endeavour to illuminate the surroundings. Pilot Officer Ensor made a safe landing without further damage to the aircraft or injury to the crew. Throughout, this officer showed great courage, skill and tenacity and was greatly assisted by the coolness and efficiency of Sergeant Paige.

Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross
Gazetted 27 October 1942, p4643
Since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross this captain of aircraft has completed many sorties.  By his keenness and personal example he has set a magnificent example to his squadron

Air Force Cross
Gazetted 10 June 1954, p3291

Distinguished Service Order and bar
Distinguished Flying Cross and bar
Air Force Cross
1939-45 Star
Atlantic Star
Africa Star
       North Africa 1942-43
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
New Zealand War Service Medal

Member of the Caterpillar Club
Member of the Goldfish Club

Born 5 January 1922, Rangiora, New Zealand
Died 27 December 1994 Christchurch, New Zealand