DUTHIE Norman Alexander
12/3625, Major, 1st Auckland Regiment, WW1

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 22 June 1918, p7396
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.  He led his company into action immediately after a long march in perfect order and took charge of the left flank of an attack.  When the advance was held up by machine gun fire, he led his men with great skill, and it was largely owing to his efforts that the battalion captured the objective.  Though wounded early in the attack he remained with his men showing the greatest courage and determination.

Mention in Despatches
Gazetted 1June 1917, p5429
For distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty.  Field Marshal D. Haig. Commander-in-Chief of the British Armies in France, despatch of 9th April 1917

Mention in Despatches
Gazetted 31 December 1918, p15230
Sir D. Haig's despatch of 8th November 1918, submitting names deserving of special mention

Distinguished Service Order
British War Medal
Victory Medal
Mention in Despatches (2)

Born 14 December 1888, Auckland, New Zealand
Died 22 January 1970, Auckland, New Zealand