DEREPA, Anatoliy Valerievich
Lance Corporal, Royal New Zealand Dental Corps

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
New Year Honours 2013
Lance Corporal DEREPA was sent to Christchurch following the February 2011 earthquakes as part of the initial Police led Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Response Team. In the mortuary he worked in an emotionally stressful and intellectually complex and demanding environment as a forensic dental assistant. Here he combined his practical skills as a Dental Technician, knowledge of information technology, and initiative, to provide critical support to all groups within the DVI team. In particular, he established the IT systems that enabled the work of identifying earthquake victims to proceed without delay; he developed the operating procedures for forensic radiography, and adapted dental tools that greatly enhanced the quality of radiographic results. His ability to grasp the requirements of the specialists with whom he was working and develop innovative technical solutions to meet them, meant that he was held in high esteem by DVI team members across a wide range of disciplines. Lance Corporal DEREPA displayed innovation and competence well above his rank and made an outstanding contribution to the identification of earthquake victims.

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
New Zealand Defence Service Medal