BEVAN Thomas Henry
22913, Major, 4th Field Regiment, New Zealand Artillery, WW2
4 New Zealand Field Regiment 

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 25 February 1943
On the night 3/4th September 1942, Major Bevan was attached to 132 Brigade Headquarters as Artillery Liaison officer for the 4th Regiment who were supporting the 132 Brigade in the attack on Munassib Depression. He moved forward with Brigade HQ which followed closely behind the forward Company’s. They were engaged heavily by mortar, MG and shell fire. Several vehicles of Brigade HQ were hit and set on fire and the whole scene was outlined causing the enemy fire to be directed on them in particular, inflicting heavy casualties and causing confusion. The Brigade Commander was seriously wounded and Major Bevan, disregarding his own personal safety was able to load a considerable number on to his wireless van accompanying him, at the same time calling for fire from the whole divisional artillery. Under this concentration he restored complete order and confidence in the men around him by his coolness and utter disregard of danger. He regrouped the remaining companies and Brigade HQ and withdrew behind the ridge overlooking the depression. He then found the senior Battalion Commander and handed over to him next morning. Due to his fearless action and devotion to duty he was responsible for saving the remaining vehicles and personnel of the Brigade HQ and by his initiative and cool behaviour was able to restore a situation which might have developed rapidly and exposed the troops on his left and right and to make possible the holding of that portion of the captured enemy position for which the Brigade was responsible

Mention in Despatches

Distinguished Service Order
1939-45 Star
Africa Star
War Medal 1939-45
       Mention in Despatches
New Zealand War Service Medal
Efficiency Decoration

Born 27 May 1909, London, England
Died 1 April 1984