BARRON James Fraser
NZ401749, Acting Flight Lieutenant, Royal New Zealand Air Force, WW2

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 2 March 1943, p1073
One night in February 1943 this officer was captain of an aircraft detailed to attack Cologne.  When nearing the target area his aircraft was held in a cone of searchlights and subjected to heavy fire from ground defences. Despite this, Flight Lieutenant Barron remained on his course, defying an intense and concentrated barrage and pressed home a successful attack on his second run over the target

Bar to the Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 23 January 1944
One night in May 1944, this officer participated in an attack on an airfield at Nantes.  By his appreciation of the responsibilities entrusted to him and the skill and precision with which he executed his attack, Wing Commander Barron contributed in a large measure to the success achieved.  Since being awarded the Distinguished Service Order, this officer has taken part in many attacks on dangerous and difficult targets.  He is an outstanding captain whose example of skill, bravery and determination has impressed all

Distinguished Flying Cross
Gazetted 9 February 1943, p702

Distinguished Flying Medal

Distinguished Service Order and bar
Distinguished Flying Cross
Distinguished Flying Medal
1939-45 Star
Air Crew Europe Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
New Zealand War Service Medal

Born 9 January 1921, Dunedin, New Zealand
Killed in Action 29 May 1944
Buried Le Mans Cemetery, France