BARNES Cecil Edward
38289, Captain, New Zealand Engineers att Special Forces

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 1 February 1945
In September 1942, Captain Barnes was one of a sabotage party recruited to destroy railway viaducts in Greece.  On 30 September this group parachuted into Greece and joined up with local partisan groups.  By November, a large group of locals had formed a plan to attack the local enemy garrison while Captain Barnes with his party destroyed the Gorgopotamos Viaduct.  On 25 November this plan was put into effect and despite charges having to be reset due to faulty information, the main pier was destroyed.  Although enemy reinforcements had arrived and heavy firing was taking place, this officer placed further charges and destroyed a further span and pier.  This attack had required the utmost in fortitude and physical endurance as the attacking party had to climb mountains of 5,000 feet and deep snow.  The leadership of Captain Barnes helped to sustain these men during the 25 hours (including a 3 hour gun battle) it took to complete the attack and destruction of the viaduct.  Unable to return to Egypt, Captain Barnes helped organise the local forces in their fight against the enemy.  In the three or four weeks immediately prior to the Allied landings in Sicily in July 1943 maximum efforts were required in Greece in order to divert German troops attention.  Captain Barnes personally supervised attacks on three bridges, each separated by most of a days march in mountain country, in the course of five nights.  In addition to leading and directing specific attacks, his special task was liaison officer with Colonel Zervas of he EDES guerrilla band

(the above is based on the account contained in “New Zealand in the
Second World War, Official History, ‘Special Service in Greece’
and other records of that period)

Military Cross
Gazetted 22 April 1943, Supp 35987, p1845

Mention in Despatches

Distinguished Service Order
Military Cross
1939-45 Star
Africa Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
       Mention in Despatches
New  Zealand War Service Medal

Born 30 January 1907, New Zealand
Died 22 June 1952, Garfield, Victoria, Australia, (Accidentally killed)