APLIN Frank Norman, Detective Chief Superintendent [1959]
AUSTING George Stuart, Assistant Commissioner [1971]
BELL Brian Hamilton, Detective Senior Sergeant [1991]
BEVEGE Burton Bernard, Detective Superintendent [1972]
Charles Erlston Weir Black – Senior Sergeant [1975]
BRADY Francis John, Chief Superintendent, Auckland [1961]
BUTTERWORTH James, Inspector [1990]
George Claridge, Chief Superintendent [1968]
Graeme George Cleland – Sergeant [1993]
CONSTABLE Bruce Harry, Detective Sergeant [1970]
William Smith Craigie, Assistant Commissioner [1965]
Gerard Conal Cunneen, Detective Chief Inspector [1987]
CUTHBERT Robert Neville, Constable [1977]
DALLOW Ross Phillip, Inspector [1980]
DIGGLE Frank Laurence, Superintendent
Brion Philip Duncan, Detective Chief Inspector [1982]
DWAN David James, Detective Senior Sergeant [1976]
EGAN Walter Kevin, Chief Inspector [1983]
FELL William Raymond, Assistant Commissioner [1964]
FOLEY Frederick Timothy, Constable [1978]
FORSEY Henry John, Constable [1975]
GALBRAITH William Allan Reid, Detective Superintendent [1986]
GOTT John Morris Atkinson, Detective Senior Sergeant
Hans Otto Lauritz Hansen – Superintendent [1964]
John Reginald Harman, Superintendent [1982]
HART Arthur Henry, Detective Sergeant [1977]
HENDERSON Robert Andrew, Constable [1978]
HILL Anthony John, Detective Senior Sergeant [1993]
Gilbert Cooke Hill – Superintendent [1986]
Garrett Hogan, Detective Sergeant [1967]
HOLLINSHEAD William Edward, Chief Superintendent [1979]
Henry Mark Holmes, Detective Chief Superintendent [1965]
Gordon Allen Howes  – Assistant Commissioner [1964]
John Rex Hughes – Detective Inspector [1990]
JENKINSON Peter Ian, Inspector [1980]
Patrick Kearney, Chief Superintendent [1962]
KNIGHT Allen David, Constable [1974]
Alan Charles William Lambert – Superintendent [1984]
LESTER James William, Constable [1976]
Anthony Miles Letica – Inspector [1988]
LYNSKEY Alan Clarence, Detective Senior Sergeant [1988]
Macdonald Brown, Chief Superintendent [1963]
McGUIRE James Wilfred, Chief Inspector [1974]
McLEAN James Bain, Superintendant [1969]
McRAE Claude Alexander Guy, Superintendent [1965]
Edward William Mahood, Assistant Commissioner [1966]
Anthony John Manning – Detective Inspector [1996]
MOORE Robert Alexander, Chief Superintendant [1971]
MULLINS Francis Colleen, Sergeant [1989]
John Munro, Inspector [1983]
NALDER Percy James, MVO, Assistant Commissioner [1958]
PARATENE Anzac Thomas, Constable [1978]
QUIN Alphonsus Gerard, Assistant Commissioner [1965]
PINKHAM Ross Howard, Detective Inspector [1992]
POWER Orme Snow Wilson, Assistant Commissioner [1960]
Bruce Dunbar Read – Detective Chief Inspector [1985]
Andrew Reid, Detective Senior Sergeant [1967]
Peter Lawrence Robinson – Detective Chief Inspector [1995]
Ian Edward Robson – Detective Sergean 1989]
SAUNDERS Joseph William, Chief Superintendent [1971]
SCANLAN Cyril Leonard, Superintendent [1970]
SCOTT Fergus Oliver, Chief Superintendant [1967]
John Graeme Scott – Detective Senior Sergeant [1991]
SHARP William Harold Angus, Assistant Commissioner [1969]
SMITH Laurence Ferguson, Sergeant [1977]
Neville John Stokes – Detective Superintendent [1992]
Alafia Toloa – Detective Senior Sergeant [1994]
TANNER Charles Edward, Chief Inspector [1963]
THOMPSON Kenneth Owen MVO, Deputy Commissioner [1981]
TRAPPITT Edward John, MBE, Assistant Commissioner [1981]
TRASK Earnst Royden, Superintendant [1968]
George Colin Urquhart, BEM, Assistant Commissioner [1967]
Michael John Vaughan – Constable [1975]
WADE Archibald Conrad Blackwell, Chief Superintendent [1969]
WALLER Bernard George, Senior Sergeant
WALTON Robert Josiah, Commissioner of Police [1979]
WHITE Harvey, Constable [1976]
Colin Gordon Whitefield – Constable [1984]
WILKINSON Brian, Detective Chief Superintendent [1979]
WINTER Roger George Emery, Inspector [1986]
WOOLGATE Lawrence Robert, Chief Inspector [1984]