ADIE Kevin William, Station Officer, Hawke's Bay Fire Brigade [1990]
ALLEN Rex Clive, Chief Fire Officer, Featherston Volunteer Fire Brigade
BARR Andrew, lately, Volunteer Senior Station Officer, Papakura Volunteer Fire Brigade [1980]
BELL Ronald Peter, Senior Station Officer, Ravensbourne Volunteer Fire Brigade [1984]
BICKNELL Garth Winston, JP, Chief Fire Officer, Porirua Fire Brigade [1980]
BILLING Roy Harwood, Senior Station Officer, Whitianga Volunteer Fire Brigade [1983]
BLEWETT David William, Chief Fire Officer, Alexandra Volunteer Fire Brigade [1975]
BRAITHWAITE Bernard Ralph, Senior Station Officer
BROKENSHIRE Raymond Noel, Senior Fire Fighter, Temuka Volunteer Fire Brigade
BRUNSKILL Gordon Robert, Chief Fire Officer, Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade [1985]
BURLEIGH Bruce George, Chief Fire Officer, Milton Volunteer Fire Brigade
BURTON-WOOD Peter Kenneth, Chief Fire Officer, Director of Fire Safety Division, National Headquarters [1979]
BUSH Ronald Charles Sylvester, Deputy Chief Fire Officer
CARLAW Russell George, Fire Commander, Timaru [1989]
CARN-BENNETT James Edward, Chief Fire Officer
CATTERMOLE Athol Eric, Chief Fire Officer, Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade [1976]
CHAN George, Chief Fire Officer, Raetihi Volunteer Fire Brigade [1983]
CHAPMAN Alan Ewart, Senior Fire Safety Officer, Timaru Fire Brigade [1978]
CLARK Jack Dorsey, Chief Fire Officer, Whakatane [1989]
CLARK Ronald Edwin, lately Senior Station Officer, Ravensbourne Volunteer Fire Brigade [1991]
CLARKSON William, Fire Force Commander [1979]
CLEMAS Cedric Adrian Baker, Station Officer, Masterton Volunteer Fire Brigade [1986]
COOPER Victor Donald, Chief Fire Officer, Henderson Volunteer Fire Brigade [1984]
CORNER Leonard Sydney, Fire Commander, Christchurch Fire Brigade [1984]
CORNES Clement Augustus, lately Chief Fire Officer, Te Aroha Volunteer Fire Brigade [1981]
CRAIG Robert Mervyn, Fireman, Pukekohe Volunteer Fire Brigade [1976]
CROSS Cecil Edward, Senior Station Officer, Bluff Volunteer Fire Brigade [1988]
CROWLEY Robert, Fourth Officer, Feilding Volunteer Fire Brigade [1987]
DALLY Rex Leonard, Fire Commander and Chief Fire Officer, Masterton Fire Brigade [1985]
DALTON John Edward, Chief Fire Officer
DAVIDSON Robert Allan, Chief Fire Officer
DEER James Alexander, Senior Station Officer, Stokes Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade [1987]
DERRICK Kenneth Patrick, Fire Commander No 1A01 District (Auckland) [1988]
DOUCHE Philip Hori JP, Fire Force Commander, New Zealand Fire Service, Palmeston North [1981]
DRUMMOND Gordon, Chief Fire Service Officer
EASTON Arthur James, Chief Fire Officer, Levin Volunteer Fire Brigade [1979]
EVANS Emrys Griffith, Chief Fire Officer (Area Commander), New Zealand Fire Service, Rotorua [1977]
EVERSON Kerry John, Fire Force Commander, No.4 Region (Wellington), [1990]
FLANAGAN Colin James, Divisional Officer
FRANCIS William Stanley, Senior Station Officer, Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade [1988]
GIRLING-BUTCHER William, Chief Fire Control Officer, New Zealand Forest Service [1979]
GLEN Noel Cecil, Divisional Officer, Auckland Fire Brigade [1978]
GREENYER Harry Sim, Divisional Officer (Fire Safety), Dunedin. [1990]
GRENFELL John Henry, Chief Fire Officer, Clyde Volunteer Fire Brigade [1992]
HABIB Peter, Fireman
HALLETT Donald Leslie, Chief Fire Officer
HARDY Frank Albert, Chief Fire Officer
HARRISON William John, Senior Station Officer, Invercargill Fire Brigade (Volunteer), [1979]
HASSALL Don Brian, Chief Fire Officer, Rangiora Volunteer Fire Brigade
HEAVEN George Raymond, Chief Fire Officer
HENDERSON William James, Fire Commissioner
HIDE Sidney Raymond, Senior Station Officer (Officer in charge)
HOOKER Howard Leonard, Deputy Chief Fire Officer
HOUSTON Leslie George, Volunteer.Station Officer
HOWEY Graham Charles JP, Chief Fire Officer, Pleasant Point Volunteer Fire Brigade [1981]
HYLAND Brian Fenton, Fire Force Commander, New Zealand Fire Service, Christchurch [1982]
IRVINE Samuel Brown, Chief Executive (Technical), New Zealand Fire Service Commission, Wellington [1977]
JOHNSTON Tom Johnston, Chief Fire Officer, Titirangi Volunteer Fire Brigade [1986]
KLUE Peter, Chief Fire Officer, Hunterville Volunteer Fire Brigade [1991].
LESTER William John, Chief Fire Officer, Palmerston Volunteer Fire Brigade
LUCKIE Thomas Richard, Chief Fire Officer, Queenstown Volunteer Fire Brigade [1978]
LYFORD Anthony Ronald, Fire Commander, New Zealand Fire Service, Whangarei [1982]
MAcGREGOR George Mortimer, Foreman
MANNING Walter Jacob, Chief Fire Officer
MASON Andrew Russell, Station Officer
McMILLAN Randolph William, Chief Fire Officer
McQUILLAN Paul Anthony, Fire Commander, 5B Area, Nelson [1986]
MILES Noel William, Chief Fire Officer, Fairlie Volunteer Fire Brigade [1990]
MILLS Walter Henry, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade
MORRIS Eric Merriman, Chief Fire Officer
MORRISS Robert Alexander, Chief Fire Officer, Te Awamutu Volunteer Fire Brigade
MUSCHAMP Brian, Chief Fire Officer, Hawera and Okaiawa Fire Brigades
OLIVER Hector Vincent Sylvester, Chief Fire Officer
O'MALLEY Phillip Ernest, Chief Fire Officer, Waimate Volunteer Fire Brigade [1980]
PLUMMER Arthur William James, District OfficerSumner [1979]
PRIMMER Chief Fire Officer, Motueka Volunteer Fire Brigade [1990]
QUINLAN Elvyn Francis, Secretary
RADOVAN Archibald Barry, Assistant Commander, Auckland 1 A Region [1990]
ROBERTS George Grant, Fire Force Commander, No. 2 Region (Hamilton) [1989]
ROBERTS Sydney James, Station Officer, Waitara Volunteer Fire Brigade [1989]
ROBERTSON Desmond Maurice, Chief Fire Officer, Waihi [1979]
ROOK Raymond William, Chief Fire Officer, Okato Volunteer Fire Brigade [1990]
SAMPSON Robert Graham, Fire Force Commander, No. 2 Region (Hamilton)
SAUNDERS Edwin Wallace, Chief Fire Officer
SKIPAGE Robert Stanley, Chief Fire Officer, Featherston Volunteer Fire Brigade [1977]
SMITH Garry Robert, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Carterton Volunteer Fire Brigade [1992]
STANLEY Garry Richard, Chief Fire Officer, Matamata Volunteer Fire Brigade [1990]
STEPHENS Geoffrey Cyril, Chief Fire Officer, Blenheim Volunteer Fire Brigade [1979]
STRINGER Frederick William, Station Officer
THOMAS Stuart Withiel, Fire Commander, National Headquarters [1983]
THOMPSON George Joseph, Third Officer
THOMPSON Peter Henry, Chief Fire Officer
TRASS Lumsden Vickers, Chief Fire Officer
TURTON Ronald John, Chief Fire Officer, Huntly Volunteer Fire Brigade [1992]
TWORT Neville William, Chief Fire Officer, Wainuiomata Volunteer Brigade [1991].
VARLEY Derek Arthur, Fire Force Commander, Wellington Fire Brigade [1984]
VOWLES Douglas George, Chief Fire Officer Ngaruwahia Volunteer Fire Brigade [1988]
WALKER Ian James, Chief Fire Officer, Lower Hutt Fire Brigade [1979]
WALLIS Bruce McKenzie, Chief Fire Officer, Gore Volunteer Fire Brigade [1975]
WEEKS Peter Karl Weeks - Fire Force Commander, Commander No. 5 Region [1987]
WESLEY Ivor Charles, Chief Fire Officer
WHITE Albert William, Station Officer (Volunteer), Napier Fire Brigade [1979]
WILLIAMS Russell Edward, Chief Fire Officer, Darfield Volunteer Fire Brigade [1982]
WILSON Lloyd Foster, Chief Fire Officer
WISHART Charles George, Chief Fire Officer