There are currently 16 Baronets associated with New Zealand who are either born in New Zealand or whose family moved here since the creation.

Baronets wear a distinctive neckbadge and use the hereditary title of "Sir" before the Christian name, and the post-nominal "Bt." The wife of a Baronet may use the title "Lady" before their married name. A Baronetcy is hereditary to the eldest son.

ARTHUR, Sir John
6th Baronet of Upper Canada
Created United Kingdom: 1841 - Succeeded: 1985

BLAKINSTON, Sir Ferguson Arthur James
9th Baronet of the City of London
Created United Kingdom: 1763 - Succeeded: 1977

BRISCO, Sir Donald Gilfred JP
8th Baronet of Crofton Place
Created Great Britain: 1782 - Succeeded: 1968

BURTON-CHADWICK, Sir Joshua Kenneth
3rd Baronet of Bidston, County Palatine of Chester
Created United Kingdom: 1935 - Succeeded: 1983

CAMPBELL, Sir Robin Auchinbreck
15th Baron of Auchinbreck
Created Nova Scotia: 1628 - Succeeded: 1970

CLIFFORD, Sir Roger Joseph
7th Baron of Flaxbourne, in the Province of Marlborough, in the Colony of New Zealand
Created United Kingdom: 1887 - Succeeded: 1982

HARRIS, Sir Jack Wolfred Ashford
2nd Baronet, of Bethnal Green, County of London
Created United Kingdom: 1932 - Succeeded: 1952

JEPHCOTT, Sir John Anthony
2nd Baronet of East Portlemouth, County Devon
Created United Kingdom: 1962 - Succeeded: 1978

le FLEMMING, Sir David Kelland
13th Baronet of of Rydal, Westmorland
Created England: 1705 - Succeeded: 1995

MILLER, Sir Harry
12 Baronet of Chichester, Sussex
Created England: 1705 - Succeeded: 1996

PORRITT, Lord Arthur Espie
1st Baronet of Hampstead in the County of London
Created United Kingdom: 1963 - Died: 1994

SINCLAIR-LOCHART, Sir Simon John Edward Francis
15th Baronet of Murkle, County Caithness, and of Stevenson, County Haddington.
Created Nova Scotia: 1636 - Succeeded: 1985

SMITH, Sir Thomas Gilbert
4th Baronet of Marylebone, County London
Created United Kingdom: 1897 - Succeeded: 1961

SMITH-DODSWORTH, Sir John Christopher
8th Baronet of Newland Park, Yorkshire
Created Great Britain: 1784 - Succeeded: 1940

13th Baronet of Pittsligo and Monymusk, Aberdeenshire
Created Nova Scotia: 1626 - Succeeded: 1985

WARD, Sir Joseph James Laffey
4th Baronet of Wellington, New Zealand
Created United Kingdom: 1911 - Succeeded: 1970

Sir Arthur Espie Porritt, Baron Porritt Bt, GCMG, GCVO, CBE was born in Wanganui, New Zealand on 10 August 1900.  He served as Governor-General of New Zealand between 1967 and 1972. He was knighted in 1950, and became a baronet in 1963.
He was raised to the rank of Peer of the Realm (Lord) in 1973, and chose to be created Baron Porritt, of Wanganui New Zealand, and of Hampstead in Greater London. He was the first Governor General to be born in New Zealand, and died in London on the 1 January 1994.
His son, The Hon Sir Jonathon Porritt CBE, 2nd Baronet of Wanganui in New Zealand, and of Hampstead in Greater London currently does not use the title.