WIGGINS Colin John

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Gazetted 2 December 2013
On 16 October 2010 a car and light truck crashed near Hastings. Both erupted into flames, sending a thick plume of black smoke into the air. The truck tipped onto its side in the road, with its 75-year old male driver trapped inside. The car was thrown into a ditch, with its 17-year old male driver trapped inside.  Passing motorists Mr Martin KAY and Mr Colin WIGGINS dragged the driver of the car free and to a safe spot away from the burning vehicles. They then ran to the truck, but could not see the driver as the cab was full of smoke. Mr KAYattempted to smash the windscreen of the truck with a hammer, but was blown back by a gust of smoke. Mr WIGGINS completed smashing out the windscreen, and felt around in the cab to locate the driver. He dragged the driver from the cab, assisted by Mr KAY, before the truck was completely engulfed in flames. The heat and intensity of the fire set the road’s tar seal on fire.   Mr WIGGINS and Mr KAY risked their own safety to pull the drivers from their burning vehicles, saving both their lives.

New Zealand Bravery Medal