WEEL, John Francis
J55553, Warrant Officer Class 2, Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery

NZ Distinguished Service Decoration
Warrant Officer Class Two WEEL was travelling on a United States Aid helicopter that crashed in adverse weather conditions west of Bamyan in
Afghanistan on 16 January 2008. Immediately following the crash, he quickly accounted for the crew and other passengers, establishing priorities for
the extraction of personnel from the wrecked airframe and for the treatment of those who had been injured. He then supervised the establishment of
communication with the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team Base. His leadership and calm demeanour were key components in
reassuring his fellow passengers and the crew while they recovered from the effects of shock after the crash and by ensuring their physical condition
did not worsen by focussing efforts to protect themselves against the extreme cold weather.  Once a decision was made that the party should move
to a nearby village, he organised the safe extraction from the crash site. On arrival at the village, the rescue team had not arrived so he organised
security measures until the rescue had been completed.

NZ Distinguished Service Decoration
NZ Operational Service Medal
NZ General Service Medal Afghanistan (Primary)
NZ Defence Service Medal