VAN TURNHOUT, Terry Edward
Constable, New Zealand Police

WEIR, David Thomas
Senior Constable, New Zealand Police

Queen's Gallantry Medal
Gazetted 17 February 1992, Supp52837, p2786
Constables Van Turnhout and Weir, members of the Dunedin Armed Offenders Squad were deployed in the Aramoana village on the evening of 13 November 1990.
Constables Van Turnhout and Weir volunteered to recover two victims although the whereabouts of the gunman was unknown. They proceeded in a Police dog van into an open intersection to effect the recovery of a wounded man, knowing that they had virtually no protection from gunfire. Constable Weir positioned the van to allow Constable Van Turnhout to drag the wounded man into the passenger's side of the vehicle. Constable Weir then reversed the vehicle at speed to a waiting ambulance. The victim later died. The second victim, a child, was being protected by Detective Knox near a utility van. This necessitated a further recovery attempt and again Constables Van Turnhout and Weir volunteered. They drove to the utility van and recovered two children, Detective Knox, Constable Harvey and two other persons. One of the children was dead and the other, although seriously wounded, survived the ordeal. Both recovery operations were exemplary acts of bravery in the highest traditions of the New Zealand Police.

Queen's Gallantry Medal