UMBERS Peter Morris
Senior Constable, New Zealand Police

George Medal
In the early hours of Sunday, 27th May 1990 therewas an armed robbery at the Poolburn Hotel, Central Otago. As a result police throughout Central
Otago were called out. Senior Constable Umbers, stationed at Ranfurly, Valley Road. On route to this point and about five kilometres out of Ranfurly,
he sighted a vehicle coming from the direction of Poolburn.  Constable UMBERS was alone and he took the decision that he should stop and check the
motor vehicle. He was aware that the offender was armed and that any vehicle he stopped could well be that of the offender. The first vehicle he
stopped contained innocent people. Almost immediately after  allowing this vehicle to proceed, he stopped a second vehicle which contained the
offender. By radio he informed his superiors and other police of the action he was taking. He also advised details of the vehicle, its registration
number and the number of occupants. He then failed to respond to any further calls. It was subsequently established that the offender, who was
known to Constable UMBERS, on alighting from the vehicle was requested to place his hands on the bonnet of the Police car. Constable Umbers then
proceeded to search the offender's car and it was while he was doing this that the offender started to argue and then attacked Constable Umbers,
kicking him in the head. During the ensuing struggle the Constable's baton was wrestled off him and then used to violently beat him about the head,
causing injuries that proved fatal. Constable UMBERS acted in the highest traditions of the New Zealand Police.

Born 1955
Died 27 May 1990 Ranfurley, New Zealand