ROONEY Kevin Lawrence
Constable, New Zealand Police

New Zealand Bravery Decoration
Special Honours List - 2 April 2011
On 7 May 2009 Constable Kevin Rooney was one to the first Police Officers to arrive at the scene of the fatal shooting of Senior Constable Len Snee, and the wounding of Mr Len Holmwood and Senior Constables Grant Diver and Bruce Miller, by Jan Molenaar in Chaucer Road South, Napier.

Though he was unarmed, Constable Rooney advanced into the immediate scene of the incident with several colleagues and, while under fire from Molenaar, located the position where the wounded Senior Constable Miller was lying.  As preparations were being made to move Senior Constable Miller from the scene, Constable Rooney covered part of Senior Constable Miller's body with his own in order to shield him from further injury.  He then assisted in placing Senior Constable Miller into the vehicle, in which he was taken from the scene to a place of safety.

Constable Rooney then evacuated the scene with two other officers, withdrawing up Chaucer Road South to the intersection with Guys Hill Road, where a cordon had been established.  A number of shots were fired by the gunman in the direction of the cordon during the evacuation of Senior Constable Diver later that morning.

Constable Rooney played an important role in the events that took place on the morning of 7 May.  He displayed exceptional bravery and put his own life in danger during the successful evacuation of Senior Constable Miller from his exposed position near the gunman's house, while under fire, by protecting Senior Constable Miller's body with his own and then helping his colleague place the wounded officer in the car.

New Zealand Bravery Decoration