REILLY Kenneth William

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Gazetted 2 December 2013
At 6.30 am on 2 May 2011 Mr Ken REILLY and Mr Mark ALLEN stopped to help the victims of a head-on collision between two cars on State Highway One in North Canterbury. One of the vehicles had caught fire, and the driver had lost consciousness and was trapped inside by her leg.  Her ankles were fractured and her clothing had caught fire.  Mr ALLEN and Mr REILLY used fire extinguishers to put out the fire on her clothing, but were unable to put out the larger fire in the vehicle. As the driver’s door could not be opened, they both climbed into the burning car.  It was very difficult to free the driver as her leg was firmly trapped, and they were inhaling thick smoke.  They persisted and, once they had her leg free, they were able to pull her from the burning car through the front passenger door. The front section of the vehicle was shortly afterwards engulfed in flames.

New Zealand Bravery Medal