McBRIDE Philip
Lieutenant Commander, Royal New Zealand Navy

Chief of Navy Commandation (2007)
LTCDR McBride joined the Navy in 1988 and completed numerous postings to HMNZ Ships as a watch keeper, Helicopter Approach Controller, and Anti Submarine Aircraft Controller before commencing flying training in November 1993. Following the completion of his flying training, LTCDR McBride’s postings included No. 5 Sqn RNZAF flying the P-3K Orion, a posting to Canada flying the Sea King, the Naval Support Flight and as Flight Commander HMNZS TE KAHA as well as staff positions in HQJFNZ and HQNZDF.  During the six months he was with No.6 Sqn RNZAF, LTCDR McBride was tasked to conduct a review of NZBR 202 Naval Air Orders. In the course of his review, he conducted a comprehensive and complete revision of the orders and SOPs contained within the publication. This required him to confer with numerous subject matter experts to determine which amendments should be inserted, and to consult numerous related references to ensure consistency with associated Defence Orders and standards.  LTCDR McBride has used his considerable skill in the production of graphics to significantly enhance the clarity and quality of the document, he has shown considerable dedication and worked tirelessly to produce the amendments. He used the broad aviation experience he has gained and the numerous contacts he has established to seek innovative solutions to areas that needed attention. By the time he had completed his review, LTCDR McBride had completely restructured and rewritten NZBR 202 Naval Air Orders.  Displaying the highest standards of professionalism, commitment and resourcefulness, LTCDR McBride has made an outstanding contribution to the operational capability of the Kaman SH-2G(NZ) Seasprite and the Navy; he has developed a publication that is without equal within Naval Aviation. In recognition of his sterling endeavours during the re-write of NZBR202: Naval Air Orders, I award LTCDR McBride my personal Commendation.


Chief of Navy Commandation