MOORHOUSE William Charles Sefton
29833, Corporal, 1st Battalion, Otago Regiment

Distinguished Conduct Medal
For marked gallantry and initiative.  During the advance across the l’Ecaillon River, Beaydignies, on 24th October 1918, our line was held up after crossing the river by machine gun fire from the front and from both flanks.  He crawled forward with his gun team to a position whence he could enfilade the enemy, and by his fire covered the advance of the platoon on the right, which worked round and brought enfilade fire to bear on the trenches.  On this the enemy surrendered, and three officers, twenty-five other ranks, and six light and one heavy machine guns were captured.  He did excellent work

Distinguished Conduct Medal
British War Medal
Victory Medal

Born 2 July 1890, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Died 22 September 1969, Invercargill, NZ