MACKIE Evan Dall
NZ41520, Wing Leader, Royal New Zealand Air Force

Distinguished Service Order
Gazetted 8 May 1945
This officer has led the squadron on numerous sorties within recent months. During these operations more than 70 locomotives have been put out of action.  A good number of barges, trucks and mechanical vehicles have also been most effectively attacked. Ten enemy aircraft have been destroyed. The success obtained are a fine testimony to this officer’s exceptional leadership, great skill and courage. Among his achievements is the destruction of 18 enemy aircraft.

Distinguished Flying Cross
Gazetted 21 May 1943
In operations in North Africa, this officer has displayed skilful leadership and great tenacity.  He has destroyed 5 enemy aircraft, 4 of these within a period of eleven days in April 1943. His courageous example has proved inspiring.

Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross
Gazetted 23 September 1943
This officer, who commands his squadron, has shown himself to be an exceptional fighter pilot, whose fine fighting spirit, personal courage and determination have been an inspiring example to all.  He has destroyed 12 enemy aircraft.

Distinguished Flying Cross (USA)
Gazetted 3 July 1945
This officer has a long and most outstanding record of operational war service.  He took part in fighter sweeps over France and the Low Countries after the Battle of Britain, carried out four patrols during the Dieppe raid, and has operated from bases in the Western Desert, Malta, Sicily, Italy and Holland.  During all these operations Squadron Leader Mackie has proved himself to be a courageous and relentless pilot, and an outstandingly skilful and aggressive leader; his keenness and great fighting ability have been an inspiration to all with whom he has operated.  His personal victories of 19 enemy aircraft destroyed; 2 probably destroyed and 7.5 damaged, as well as numerous ground targets successfully attacked, is a contribution to the allied war effort which is rivalled by a very few fighter pilots.

Distinguished Service Order
Distinguished Flying Cross and bar
1939-45 Star
Africa Star
       North Africa 1942-43
Italy Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
New Zealand War Service Medal
Distinguished Flying Cross (USA)

Born 31 October 1917, Waihi, New Zealand
Died 28 April 1986, Tauranga, New Zealand