LYNN Jade Ronald

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Gazetted 2 December 2013
On 15 March 2012 Mr Jade LYNN, a construction worker, was on his way to work in Christchurch, when he saw a man standing in the middle of the road, waving two large knives and threatening members of the public. The man was trying to get into cars, and attempted to stab a cyclist.  He had already kidnapped two people, and had stabbed them both.  Mr LYNN saw blood on the knives and realised that the man was a serious threat.  Mr LYNN got out of his truck and approached him, unarmed. He tried to reason with the man, who threatened to kill him and swung at him with one of the knives. He started to walk towards Mr LYNN, who feared for his life. Mr Lynn took a long steel pinch bar from his truck and confronted him, in an effort to protect other members of the public. Twice the man walked towards Mr LYNN in a threatening manner, and once Mr LYNN pushed him back with the pinch bar. Mr LYNN was shouting at passers-by to stay away and lock their doors, while he continued to engage the man’s attention and distract him from other members of the public until Police arrived.

New Zealand Bravery Medal