LINNEY Stephen Anthony
Constable, New Zealand Police

Queen's Gallantry Medal
Gazetted 11 September 1987, p11343
In the early evening of 22nd June 1985 while part of a mobile and foot patrol in the area of Port Levy, Banks Peninsula, Constable Linney confronted a young man who it was believed had two days earlier been responsible for an armed robbery. The Constable attempted to detain the man but a violent struggle resulted. During the struggle the man pointed a rifle at the Constable and indicated that he was not going to surrender and that it was between the two of them. After verbal attempts to persuade the man to release his weapon, the struggle continued and despite being near exhaustion, the Constable managed to disarm the man and shoot him in the thigh with his revolver. This however did not deter the man who, further enraged, picked up a large piece of driftwood and proceeded to attack the Constable's head. The struggle continued until the Constable managed with some difficulty to apply handcuffs and secure the man. The offender, armed with a knife, rifle and ammunition, clearly had no intention of surrendering and in effecting this arrest Constable Linney disregarded his own safety and demonstrated an exemplary act of bravery.

Queen’s Gallantry Medal