KENNEDY Lois Patricia

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Gazetted 2 December 2013
Early in the morning of 21 January 2011, at a retirement complex in Christchurch, Mrs Lois Kennedy, who was 81 years, heard her neighbour calling for help.  Mrs KENNEDY knew that her neighbour’s middle-aged son was staying with his mother, and that his mental health had been deteriorating to the point that Mrs KENNEDY was afraid of him.  Mrs KENNEDY armed herself with a hearth brush and went outside to assist, without her walking frame, which she usually uses.  It was dark and she has impaired vision. She approached what she viewed as a “bundle” in the garden by following the cries for help and feeling ahead of her. She came into contact with the man crouched over his mother and attacking her with a blunt samurai sword. Responding to the feel of a blade, Mrs KENNEDY swung her hearth brush towards the sound of the man’s voice, connecting several times. He kicked at her as he continued to hold his mother down. Mrs Kennedy realised she could not physically stop him and returned to her unit to telephone the Police.  In the attack her neighbour suffered bites to her arms, hands and head, bruising and cuts from the sword, while Mrs KENNEDY sustained an injury to her left hand.

New Zealand Bravery Medal