KENNEDY Ethan James

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Special Honours List 29 January 2005
At about 4.30 p.m. on 3 February 2003, Ethan Kennedy, aged 12, was at home with his father when his father's partner arrived at the house with her former partner. Ethan's father walked outside where he was shot in the hand and stomach with a 410 gauge shotgun. Ethan came out of the house and confronted his father's attacker, screaming and yelling at him to leave his father alone. The attacker pointed the shotgun at Ethan, who pushed him and ran to get help from a neighbouring property. The attacker left the scene, and Ethan returned with a neighbour to help make his father comfortable before meeting the ambulance and Police and giving a calm and accurate account of what had occurred, together with a description of the offender and the vehicle he has used. There is a high probability that his father would have been shot again if Ethan had not intervened. The attacker later pleaded guilty to several offences including attempted murder. Ethan, at a very young age, displayed a high level of bravery in intervening to help his father.

New Zealand Bravery Medal