HUGGARD Melroy Kenneth
Inspector, New Zealand Police

Queen's Gallantry Medal
Gazetted 26 January 1979, Issue 47755, p1161
At about 7.40 pjn. on 2nd April 1978 a 22 year old man, who was in an extremely emotional state after a domestic dispute, left his home armed with two rifles and ammunition
for both. He fired a shot at a passing motor cyclist but just missed him. He then shot and killed an 18 year old youth who was sitting at a lighted window talking on the telephone.  He also fired shots at a woman and at the murdered youth's mother but missed both. Further down the road he discarded one of the rifles and ammunition.
Inspector Huggard arrived on the scene, approached the armed man and was warned that he would be shot if he came closer. The gunman then released the safety catch of the rifle in an attempt to stall Inspector Huggard who, with complete disregard for his own safety, lunged at the offender, knocking the firearm aside and pushing him to the ground.
The rifle, on later inspection, contained five rounds of live ammunition in the magazine. It is evident that further loss of life would have resulted if Inspector Huggard had not taken the action he did. He displayed oustanding courage.

Queen;s Gallantry Medal