HOOD, Terence Albert
Security Guard

New Zealand Bravery Decoration
Special Honours List 23 October 1999
On the evening of 4 July 1989 Mr Hood, a security guard, accompanied an electrician as he carried out routine tests on newly installed 11,000 volt oil circuit breakers in the MED substation located in an area under construction at the Defence Department Building, Stout Street, Wellington. The electrician noticed there was a serious problem as one of the circuits breakers had been installed with no oil in the contact chamber. As he switched off the circuit breaker it exploded throwing out molton copper and flames. It also threw the electrician against a wall opposite the exit and blasted Mr Hood backwards out of the door. However, hearing the cries from the electrician, who was on fire he came back into the room past the burning equipment and dragged the electrician to safety and used his bare hands to extinguish the man’s burning hair and clothes. Mr Hood’s actions saved the life of the electrician.

New Zealand Bravery Decoration