HOME, Anthony Dickson

Surgeon General Sir Anthony Dickson HOME, VC, KCB, the most distinguished officer on the retired list of the Medical Department of the British Army, died in London, aged 87, on August 9th. He was born at Dunbar in 1826, took the diploma of M.R.C.S. and the degree of M.D. of St. Andrews in 1847, and entered the army as, assistant surgeon on March 17th, 1848. During the first six years he served in the West Indies, Nova Scotia, Guernsey, Ireland, and Gibraltar successively.  In August, 1854, he went to the Crimea with the 8th Hussars, and served there till the end of the war.  On the outbreak of the Indian Mutiny he went to India as surgeon of the 90th Foot, having been promoted to that rank from February 9tlh, 1855.  At Lucknow he earned the Victoria Cross by his heroic defence of the wounded left behind by the relieving, column when Havelock forced his way to the Residency during the first relief.  He was thus one of the first medical officers to gain this most coveted honour (three A.M.D. officers gained the V.C. in the Crimea, and three in the Mutiny). At the time of his death he was the senior medical officer, both in date and in rank, who held it. It was conferred upon him from June 18tlh, 1858.  On March 31st, 1858, he was appointed a staff-surgeon.  From India he went to China, and served through the China war of 1860, on the staff of the Commander, Lieutenant General Sir James Hope Grant. On his return to England he was sent to Canada, war being threatened between Britain and the United States, a war which was happily averted. Soon after he returned to India, and thence was sent to New Zealand, where he served in the Maori war of 1864-5, being decorated with the C.B. from July 5tlh, 1865, and, specially promoted to Surgeon Major.  In 1873-74 he served as principal medical officer of the force under Sir Garnet Wolseley in Ashantee, being promoted to K.C.B. from March 31st, 1874. On April 4tlh, 1880, he reached the rank of Surgeon General, and was appointed P.M.O. of Her Majesty's Forces in India. Many retired officers and a few still serving will remember him when holding this post.  He retired, with thlirty-eight years' service, on November 30th, 1886.

The list of Sir Anthony's war services is long.  It comprises the Crimean campaign of 1854-5, when he was present at the battles of Balaklava and Tchernaya, tho siege of Sebastopol, and the operations near Eupatoria, receiving the medal with two clasps and the Turkish medal; the Indian Muitiny of 1857-8, when he took part in the first relief of Lucknow, was in the Residency during the second siege, and with the force left at Alumbagh, and served in the final capture of Lucknow, gaining the medal witlh clasp and one year's service for Lucknow, as well as the V.C.; the China War of 1860, at the capture of the Taku Forts, and the action near Paliclioo on the road to Pekin, medal; the New Zealancd War of 1863-5, in the campaigns in Waikato Valley, Tauranga, and Wanganui. where he got the medal, the C.B., and was specially promoted to Surgeon Major; and the Ashanti war of 1873-4, when he was principal medical officer of the force and was present at the action of Essaman, was mentioned in dispatches in the London Gazette of November 18tlh, 1873, and, March 7th, 1874, receiving the medal and being advanced to K.C.B. Besides the distinction as mentioned above. He received one of the pensions awarded for distinguished and meritorious service from Novemiiber 15tlh, 1894.  In 1912 his autobiography Service Memories, containing rough notes of his service and experiences to the end of the Maori war, edited by Lieutenant Colonel C. H. Melville, R.A.M.C., was published by Edward Arnold.

Victoria Cross
Knight Companion of the Order of the Bath (KCB)
New Zealand Medal 1863-5
Crimea Medal
Sebastopol, Balaklava
India General Service Medal
Defence of Lucknow
Second China War Medal
Taku Forts, Pekin
Ashanti Medal
Turkish Crimea Medal

Born 30 March 1826, Dunbar, Scotland
Died 9 August 1914, London, England
Buried Highgate Cemetery (West), London, England (Plot: Square 49, Grave No. 16593)