HILL George Rowley
Sergeant, No 1 Division, Armed Constabulary & von Tempsky's Forest Rangers

New Zealand Cross
On the 10th of April 1869, Constable (Now Sergeant) George Hill, of no 1 Division, Armed Constabulary, accompanied by Hairoa natives, who, under
Shaka Wanga, proceeded to relieve Mohaka, then being attacked by Te Kooti.  A party volunteered to run the gauntlet of the enemy's fire, and to
dash into the Jerusalem pah, then sorely pressed.  This was a dangerous service, and it was in a great measure due to the example set by
Constable Hill that it was successfully carried out

Royal Humane Society Medal - Bronze
On 28 February 1896, several girls were bathing near the Torpedo Sheds at North Shore, Auckland, when Chrissy SPINLEY, of Devonport,
Auckland, 15, got out of her depth and  and was carried away into deep water by an eddy. The alarm was raised andTorpedoman George HILL,
NZC, 59, who was on duty in the sheds, rushed out, and upon seeing how matters lay, tried to get over the fence but could not.  He then threw
himself against the fence and smashed the thick palings.  Fully clothed he plunged into the water  and swam after the girl.  When he reached the girl
she grasped him around the throat and both sank; then HILL freed himself and swam with her to shallow water.  HILL was quite exhausted.  There
can be no doubt but that Miss SPINLEY would have drowned if it were not for HILL's pluck and it is the more praiseworthy that he himself is on light
duty from sickness

New Zealand Cross
New Zealand Wars Medal

Two medals by the Royal Humane Society for saving life, one in 1860 and the other in 1896.

Born: 1837
Emigrated to New Zealand in 1863.
Died: 15 February 1930 Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Buried Oneils Point Cemetery (Row P Plot 53)

He later served with the NZ Army and tried to enlist for the South African War at the age of 63. His retirement was spent at Takapuna.