9/1438, Lance Corporal 1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment

Distinguished Conduct Medal
Gazetted 16 August 1917
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.  When in charge of a Lewis gun section he pushed completely through our barrage with one member of his team and successfully attacked and enemy machine-gun which had opened fire and would have inflicted heavy casualties upon our advancing troops.  After making signs to surrender, the enemy treacherously opened fire, and both men were hit, but with great daring and promptitude they bombed and killed the crew of six, capturing the gun and eleven of the enemy who were in a dug-out.  They showed the greatest courage and contempt of danger throughout

Military Medal
Gazetted 9 December 1916
During the attack on Grid Trench on 27 September 1916, the 12th Company on the left of Private HEWITT’s company was held up by the enmy’s fire and Corpaoral WEBB was ordered to take his Lewis Gun and enfilade the German trench.  This could not be done, as the ground was not high enough and Private HEWITT knelt down and allowed the gun to be fired from his back until the Company were able to advance. The team then advanced and both its guns were put out of action and Private HEWITT picked up a German rifle and bayonet and moved with the first wave.  His coolness and bravery set a good example to the rest of the men.  After the capture of the position Private HEWITT volunteered to go through the German barrage for picks and shovels and messages, making several trips back and forward

Distinguished Conduct Medal
Military Medal
1914-15 Star
British War Medal
Victory Medal

Born 26 May 1886, Akaroa, NZ
Died 4 July 1965, Whakatane, NZ