HARRIS, Andrew Michael

The New Zealand Bravery Star
Special Honours List 23 October 1999
On 10 May 1996 Mr Harris, a guide in an expedition on Mount Everest, in the Himalayas, attempted to go to the aid of Mr Robert Edwin Hall and an American climber who were stranded on the Hillary Step below the summit, and shortly afterwards perished in a blizzard. Mr Harris, hearing by radio Rob Hall's calls for help, turned from the safety of descending the mountain to go back up towards the summit ridge of Everest to assist Mr Hall and the other climber. Despite his own exhaustion, and knowing that his only chance of survival lay in descending, Mr Harris chose to go back up the mountain to try to help Mr Hall. Mr Harris was not heard of again although Mr Hall reported in a radio message that "Andy was with me last night..." and Mr Harris’ ice axe and jacket were later found on the South Summit next to Mr Hall’s body. To go to the aid of a fellow guide in the face of the most appalling conditions was an outstanding act of bravery.

The New Zealand Bravery Star