FRIIS Kevin Charles
Y43814 Warrant Officer Class Two, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (Regular Force), (Retired).

Queen's Gallantry Medal
Gazetted 17 February 1992, Supp 52837, p2786
On 13th February 1987, Warrant Officer FRIIS was conducting a live grenade throwing exercise for Territorial Force soldiers at Waiouru.
A Territorial Force soldier with Warrant Officer FRIIS, his instructor, were side by side when an armed M67 high explosive fragmentation grenade thrown by the soldier accidentally landed inside the safe throwing bay within three metres of their position. The grenade, which has a lethal radius of eight metres and remains extremely dangerous out to 15 metres, was set to explode four seconds after leaving the soldier's hand. Warrant Officer FRIIS without hesitation lifted the soldier from the ground and attempted to drag him to safety. The soldier, now incoherent, slipped from Warrant Officer FRIIS' grasp after three metres and did not act further to save himself. Warrant Officer FRIIS again picked up the soldier and carried him to partial cover nine metres from the grenade where, throwing the soldier to the ground, he covered him with his own still partly exposed body as the grenade exploded. Warrant Officer FRIIS' professional sense of responsibility and brave actions undoubtedly saved the life of the soldier.

Queen's Gallantry Medal